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Problem with iRecord app

Just had a notification email today where Matt Smith rejected 8 of my records, so I checked the data and noticed that the app had somehow submitted the same record 9 times. I know it's impossible to submit the same record accidentally since you get the 'this record has already been submitted' flag pop up.  So there must be some kind of glitch in the system.

I also noticed another problem a few days ago whereby records which had already been submitted suddenly disappeared from the app,  I checked online and they were in 'my records', but had somehow disappeared off the app without being manually deleted.

The photo issue is also still a problem, I'll deal with that in the old topic I created - sorry I was waiting for a response and didn't realise there was one, due to not getting an email notifcation.

Any ideas?




Matt Smith
I did assume that there had

I did assume that there had been a problem with the App when I saw these.  Record numbers are not sequential.


Yes I'd not re-submitted them

Yes I'd not re-submitted them, as the app won't let you do that.

Noticed another problem with the app today too - some of my records which had were submitted days ago have lost some of the information plus the 'submitted' icon has disappeared. yet when I look on the website the data is there.

More records have disappeared from the app too, from early last week.

Is it the app or my phone?



Just noticed another problem

Just noticed something else - my record 3496144 is of Sea Beet, but my photo has been replaced by someone else's photo of a bee with a pin through it.  It's not that my photo's have got muddled because I don't have any photos of insects with pins.



Hi Amanda,

Hi Amanda,

Thanks a lot for your comments. The duplication occurs on all existing iRecord apps and it is mainly due to the poor device network connection. We have been manually deleting the duplicates so far, but will be soon implementing a fix so this does not happen again.


For records dissappearing from the app it is a big issue that I have not found a cause yet. I am looking for a fix, but any info provided about how this has happend would help.


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