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Records lost from app

I downloaded the irecord app a couple of weeks ago. Really pleased with the interface and how simple it was to use. I submitted about 50 records which are still visable under my account however they have disappeared from the app, which says I have "no records to show"


One of the reasons I think the app is brillant is because it allows me to check new species againest old species that I have previously recorded. I'm not sure wheter it is normal to remove the records from the app once you have submitted them or wheter there has been a glitch in the system. Does anybody know a way that I can reload the records back onto the app? Or a suitable person to contact about it?

Many Thanks,


hi Saorise

hi Saorise

That should not have happened.  The sightings should remain within the App until you choose to delete them.  Karolis will follow-up on this problem when he is back from leave in the next few weeks.

One option you have is using the web browser you your phone to access the main iRecord website and your records.  This relies on a data connection but many iRecord reports are configoured to work on smaller screens.



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