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I've just downloaded the iRecord app.  I so want it to work for me as I regularly run mulitple moth traps and am always getting behing with my submission of records to iRecord. The idea of entering the "easy" species on the fly is perfect!

Maybe I'm missing something obvious and sombody will be able to help:

The app will only allow me to enter a single record using the "Default" activity.  I can't see a way to enter a list. I tried to create a personal recording activity that uses list using iRecord website in the hope that it would be visible on the app. I can see the activity under my list of activities on the website, but not on the app.  I've tried refreshing the list on the app to no avail.

What am I doing wrong?





Matt Smith
The app only allows entry of

The app only allows entry of 1 record at a time, not a list of records for a location.  This feature of selecting multiple records from a list has been requested already.


OK. Thanks  for the

OK. Thanks  for the clarification.





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