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Hi. So using the iRecord app to record birds... Does the app not automatically record where you make an entry? It always seems to say to 'Sorry, no location entered' when I submit. Also, how do I enter multiple sightings of the same species in different locations without creating a new, duplicate entry. Not very user friendly..!

Hi Richard,

Hi Richard,

The app currently provides only the basic recording functionality, we are working on to extend it. I think that there is a greater need to record multiple species at the same location than vice versa, but I will keep you suggestion in mind.

Regarding the missing location, it should capture your location using GPS automatically. If you have entered and locked a location name, then you should only need to select taxa for each record and your updated coordinates should be prefilled. You might need to check if the GPS is turned on for the app.

Best regards,

GPS not fitted to some iPad's

Hi, Just to chip in with something similar.

I noticed that my iPad gave me a location not found message, but my iPhone always finds a location, usually to an impressive 10 meters. It turns out that the WiFi only version of the iPad air does not have GPS fitted which is why the app does not return a location, ..... most of the time. The confounding factor is that if you are conected some WiFi hotspot services (but not all) the app will find an accurate location.

I do not know if a similar issue exists with other tablets. Now I know the reason behind this, I have saved a series of locations that I use when using the iPad.

I hope this is useful for other iPad users.



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