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Peter Pearson
Zero records

Did I do the right thing when I recorded a zero entry for painted lady and silver y.

Usually we have a record or two for my patch, Colchester,  Chalfont Rd and at Colchester, Chanterelle, this year nothing.

The record list shows the entries, but they are crossed through.

Is it OK to record zero entries for locations where a species is obviously absent in a recording year.


Sorry just seen the previous forum entry on this subject. 10/10/16




John H Bratton
Can you remember where you

Can you remember where you saw the previous discussion of zero records? I would like to see what was said, but a search of the terms "zero records" doesn't bring up anything, just tells me I don't have access to that page. (Rainy day, time on my hands.)

Dito with John H Bratton.

Dito with John H Bratton.

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