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Ichneumon id

Can anyone suggest how to get an Ichneumon identified?  Tried myself with no success on my research, tried the NHM id forum where I regularly contribute as an id'er, tried a local records group whose response from the Bees & Wasps recorder was 'send the record in but we wont know what it is'.  Are there not County Recorders for Ichneumons?  BWARS site is no help at all.

Surely someone in the country studies them?

Hoping for suggestions....


Matt Smith
Do you have a specimen?  If

Do you have a specimen?  If you do, you could try posting a photo on the "UK Bees, Wasps and Ants" facebook page.  THis is run by BWARS and a couple of the NHM Hymenopterists who look at ichneumonids are members, so you may get at least an idea of a genus or family.
BWARS concerns itself with the aculeate fauna, which equates to around 600 species of bee, wasps and ants.  I belive there are around 6000 species of Ichneumonid in the UK and most of these are very poorly known, and there are only a limited number of keys available.  To answer to your last question, with the exception of a very few people, mostly at the NHM, almost nobody studies this group.


Thanks Matt.  I dont use

Thanks Matt.  I dont use Facebook so can't try that route.  I'll just have to hope that one of the NHM staff see my post on the NaturePlus forum.

Ichneumon id

I know you posted about your Ichneumon a long time ago, but Bill Ely is the Yorkshire specialist in this group. You could try contacting him through Yorkshire Naturalists Union website, especially if you have any more specimens and/or they are caught in Yorkshire.




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