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Alan Rowland

I represent the Riverfly recorders in Cornwall.  They have 8 species to record but feel able to add additional sightings.

However not all of them are able to identify Damselfly larvae.  I note that Dragonflies are recorded as Odonata 

It would be useful to be able to record either Anisoptera or Zygoptera when larval stages are recorded.




Alan Rowland

David Hepper
Help to Riverfly recorders with ID of Odonata larvae

Hello Alan,

Could I recommend that your recorders use either the iRecord App or desktop iRecord to enter records of dragonfly (Anisoptera) and damselfly (Zygoptera) larvae and exuviae? Our publication 'Field Guide to the larvae and exuviae of British Dragonflies' covers both in one volume and is available from the British Dragonfly Society online shop at https://www.british-dragonflies.org.uk/content/shop with the item at https://british-dragonflies.org.uk/content/field-guide-larvae-and-exuvia... (though this link is subject to change).

I'll be doing an ID course for Surrey Wildlife Trust's Riversearch volunteers this March (2019). Let me know if I can help further.


David Hepper, BDS Records Officer & Webmaster

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