Activity not showing records?

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Activity not showing records?

We have an organisational activity ( which appears to work in as far as records can be submitted, but none are showing up on the 'explore activity data' page (for example, record 8168367) - any help would be appreciated!

Matt Smith
Is this a record for a bee of

Is this a record for a bee of some sort, as it's not showing on the verification grid for aculeates?


hi Richard,

hi Richard,

I'm not familiar with this survey, but from looking at the database this record is set with a status of 'Recorder has requested a pre-check before release'.  Similar to the Garden Bioblitz.  This is why the record is not showing on explore reports or the activity summary.


That particular record is of

That particular record is of Bombus pascuorum

Is there a way to add the precheck link to my account, please? We don't have any way to release the records for verification currently!


Cheers, Richard

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