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Barry Walter
Editing removes acceptance


I made some minor edits to some of my records today, only to later discover that the accept markings had all been lost. I really hope this is not a permanent change, because I don't remember seeing any warnings whilst doing the editing, and the help page does not suggest that this might happen. I did not make any changes that would affect the identification, so I don't understand why it has happened. Is it a bug? Is there any way that the review/status information can be restored?


These are all the records that have been affected:









And there was one other accepted record that I also edited today that was somehow not affected in the same way:




Matt Smith
Any changes a recorder makes

Any changes a recorder makes to their records after verification automatically resets the verification status back to "awaiting review", even if the change is a comment along the lines of "thanks".  Your records are now back on the verification page waiting for the verifier to check them again.  


Barry Walter
Well, that seems to be a very

Well, that seems to be a very, very poor design. What a horrible waste of the verifier's precious time. There really needs to be prominent warning somewhere that making trivial edits can have this nasty side-effect. Why isn't this considered to be a bug?



Many thanks to Colin Pratt for promptly restoring three of the accepts.


Depends what a trivial edit

Depends what a trivial edit is and how trivial would be defined. I notice a few records have obviously wrong locations eg wrong county, not minor differences, but verifiers don't necessarily notice this.

Matt Smith
From a Verifiers point of

From a Verifiers point of view, I do want to see any changes made to a previously verified record.  I have verified the record on the basis of the information on the record at the time of viewing, so I want to be sure that any changes made subsequent to me verifying the record do not make me change my opinion.  By automatically going back into the "awaiting verification" queue it means that either myself or one of the other verfiers will be certain to see the record again.  The same thing happens to records which are queried by me, if the recorder edits the record or revises the species name then the record goes back for another round of checking, which is what is wanted.  I'm happy with it and it is a useful feature.  Unless you have got something very wrong at the recording end I don't really see what you might be doing "adding" bits to an already verified record.

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding what's being said here, but surely you can add a comment using "View record details" without changing the verification status (ie you can add a note of thanks).  I've done this a few times now without the status being affected.  Presumably the status is only reset if the "Edit this record" feature is used?

(I apprectiate that this point is not relevant to the original question.)

Matt Smith
Honestly, there is not point

Honestly, there is not point in adding a "Thanks" to a record - without a notification to the person verifying it to draw their attention to it the Verifier will never kown the comment is there.

That's news to me!  I just

That's news to me!  I just assumed that the reviewers were alerted when comments were added to records that they had reviewed. 

So how do I alert a reviewer if I have a question about the categorisation of a record?  eg:


Matt Smith
If the verifier checks his

If the verifier checks his "My notifications" list he will see your comment there alongside the record details.  If.

Thanks for that info. 

Thanks for that info. 

As this issue is not relevant to the original question, I'll perhaps start a new thread under "Feedback and Suggestions" at a later date.

Barry Walter
In reply to Matt Smith:

In reply to Matt Smith:


As I said in my original post: "I did not make any changes that would affect the identification". The changes involved adding a single comma in the Sample Comment field. I don't see why the Verifiers would need to see such trivial changes to fields which don't affect the identification in any way. But really, the thing which bothered me most about this episode is that the editing help page just does not give any warning about the consequences of editing verified records. At the very least, there should be a prominent note on that page which states that any change whatsoever (including trivial edits and comments) will put the record back in the queue. If you're going to give users full editing privileges on verified records, it seems unfair to question why they should use those privileges whilst at the same time giving them no warning about the consequences of doing so.

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