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Rafael Garea-Balado
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can you tell me if there is a way to see all my recordings by searching my name? or is it possible to create a profile, something like a personal profile at the top (with profile photo or information like location, etc that the user is happy to be shared publicly) followed by the records and species tabs that are seen on the 'My Records' page.




Matt Smith
Go to "Explore / My Records"

Go to "Explore / My Records" to see your own stuff.  I'd have to say a "profile page" would be additional work for the Development team and not needed in my opinion - this is a recording system, not a social media package.



We have considered a user profile page, but it's not reached the top of our list of priorities yet.  We try and focus our funding to improve the site for verfiication and entering records.

A good suggestion though, thanks.


Rafael Garea-Balado
Hi Matt thanks for the reply,

Hi Matt thanks for the reply, I know how to explore my own records, what I meant was for someone else wanting to view all my records or If I wanted to see someone elses records.

Matt Smith
If you wanted to look at

If you wanted to look at another recorders records could you not do this with the aid of the filters on the Explore all records page?

Barry Walter
The filter on the Explore/All

The filter on the Explore/All Records page has an option "Who: Define whose records to include" - but for some reason it still only allows you to select your own records. Perhaps there was once an intention to provide this functionality, but it was never fully implemented?

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