Issue downloading all records for a named site

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Issue downloading all records for a named site

I am trying to download all records for one of my named sites in full (using the 'download' option from the explore dropdown menu) but I am only getting a file containing 8 records when I know that there are well over 100 (but not a vast number). I have also tried creating a filter using the site name and the same thing happens. However, if I just type the first word of the site name into the filter box in 'explore - my records' I get, what I hope are, all the records. I can then save and use this filter in the 'download' option to get full records for the site but am concerned that either I'm doing something wrong or something in the filtering process isn't working. I still can't be 100% sure I'm getting all the records without checking them individually! I cannot find anything about the 8 records which particularly distinguishes them from any others in the full list and I have tried setting date ranges all without success. Can anyone help please?