Recent Sightings list not updated for 6 days

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Recent Sightings list not updated for 6 days

The Recent sightings list on my homepage, which lists species reported for the VC of Cumberland, hasn't been updated since 12 December,  despite the fact that I've submitted 6 records since then (the same applies to the Recently added photos).  According to an earlier post, this list is only updated periodically, but I've not previously had to wait for more than a day or so to see my records included. 

I should add that if I use "Explore: My records" then all my records are listed, and so they are obviously in the system.  But if I use "Explore: All records" then no  records at all are shown for Cumberland after 12 December.

I've tried refreshing the page and also logging out and then logging in again, but the list still won't update.

I'm seeing the same thing for

I'm seeing the same thing for Midlothian.  I've also noticed that Vice County on Downloads is no longer being updated.

hi both

hi both

This is the result of the recent upgrade to the data warehouse.  There are some background tasks that need a while to complete.  Apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime.


Add new comment field on Home page

High, the Recent Sightings list when I go to home page include old 2014 and 2018 records.  I can filter the Home Page by date to show more recent records but it takes a fair time, probably 5 minutes.  Is this a setup field somewhere I can change or just a failure and Recent Sightings not working?

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