Problems creating a new site

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Problems creating a new site

Yesterday I found the site terribly slow and also it was almost impossible to create a new site with the National Botanic Garden of Wales which I use.  It wouldn't even recognise the latter or do a search for it.  The only way was by clicking on the map and zooming in.  But that takes an awful lot of time to get the right area.

Is this a consequence of the recent upgrade?

Ongoing problems

I have the same problem, the site takes an incredibly long time to load each page. Searching through my records is painful.

I also have a problem with the Ladybird app - the map doesn't work & has an error message, my records never show as sent and won't load into my 'recent sightings' tab.

I've had the problems for months. I emailed in a query but got no response.

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