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Could someone advise on 'Activities' please?  I can, for example, submit a record of a dragonfly either via the British Dragonfly activity or just directly using the "Enter a casual record" feature.  The same options exist for Ladybirds and various other taxonomic groups.  Is there any difference in the way the records are handled between these two approaches?  Is it better to submit records via the relevant activity?


The main difference I see

The main difference I see between activities and entering a casual record is that in at least some cases the data entry fields are different.

For example when I use the Bat Conservation Trust Bat recording activity I'm prompted to provide information on the type of bat recording and how it was analysed, all information that can be used to better assess the record.  Dragonfly recording is similar.

So I guess the activity represents the ideal record format for that taxon group from the recorders point of view and is the best thing to use.  Nonetheless they will process records submitted through general data entry and the iRecord mobile phone app.

Best regards, Graham

That is right.  The

That is right.  The preferenece is to use the 'taxon-specific' forms either via relevant activities or via the Record menu.  However, the records all get treated in the same way in terms of being presented to verifiers.


Thank you David and Graham

Thank you David and Graham

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