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I found a giant Asian hornet in my kitchen (I think) I have created a record if you can view.

I’m very allergic to wasp stings and just wondered if these hornets Re dangerous, I also have a baby.

I didn’t know if anyone had any advice on looking for nests or calling pest control etc?

I’m in SW London

I dont know how to access

I dont know how to access your record so I cannot comment on whether or not you have identified the insect correctly.  If it was an Asian Hornet I believe that there is not a great risk to people as I understand that these hornets (like our own native hornet) are not very aggressive towards people.  However, there is significant concern about the impact the Asian Hornet could have on other bees and wasp species  if it becomes established  in this country and if you think you have seen one you should report it to the relevant authorities so that steps can be taken to locate and destroy any nests that may have established.  You can get more details here about this species and how to report sightings of it:

Matt Smith
If you have a sighting of

If you have a sighting of what you belive to be an Asian Hornet please log it on iRecord, this is where all of the submissions from the on-line report pages and the Asian Hornet App end up for checking by the Bees, Wasp and Ants Recording Society (BWARS) verification team

Because of the potential for the Asian Hornet to be confused with our own Native European Hornet and some other species of insect, we do need to see a photo or a dead body of the insect to confirm an ID of an Asian Hornet, this is required for any presumed Asian Hornet record sent into to iRecord or directly to the National Bee Unit or DEFRA.  Without a confirmation of the ID we cannot do anything further with any Asian hornet report.  A photo taken with a phone will suffice - no need to get right up close.  As long as we can get a reasonable view of the colour patterns we can say if your insect is an Asian Hornet or not.   It is unlikely, last year we looked at over 2000 reports on here and only 2 mainland reports were actual Asian Hornets.

Matt Smith
I've just looked at your

I've just looked at your submission - this is our native European Hornet, not an Asian Hornet.  Pop it out in the garden.

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