app leading to incorrect locations

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app leading to incorrect locations

As I live in NI, I increasingly see records that have come in from the app with an Irish grid reference and the grid ref does not match the site name - which is for England, Wales or Scotland. This seems to be something to do with how the app works and where you visited last, but I dont use the app, so I dont know for sure. i am not a verifier, but suspect a lot of national scheme verifiers won't realise there is a problem as even someone as fiendishly clever as they are unlikely to know their way round the placenames of the whole UK, so it would be good if the app forced people to enter both grid and placename afresh every time if this is not already part of the functionality. Today I saw a record for Corstorphine (which suggests Edinburgh) but the grid ref was for Botanic Gardens in Belfast.

Thanks for the comment. At

Thanks for the comment. At the moment, the location name is mandatory, but for convenience, it can be locked so that users wouldn't have to fill it in for every record at the same site. It might be that users forget to unlock it or it can also be the case that the GPS or GridRef input is faulty and the records were actually in Edinburgh. It is hard to say what we should do about this right now, I think this would require a bit more info to make any changes to the app.

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