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Flagged record

I am new to IRecord and made a new submission this morning of a Scarlet Tiger Moth.
I have received a message to say there is a flag on the recording and I’m unsure what I have done wrong and would
like some advice for future recordings. The message stated. Coordinate is outside known 10km range of callimorpha dominula

Regards Adrian

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The following message was attached to your record of Scarlet Tiger at TL063495 on 15/06/2019
when it was checked using the
NBN Record
Cleaner. This does not mean the record is incorrect or is being disputed; the information below is merely a flag
against the record that might provide useful information for recording and verification purposes.
Coordinate is outside known 10km range of Callimorpha dominula

Re: flagged record

You haven't done anything wrong, these are just automated messages saying that there are no records for this species on iRecord in that 10km area and are designed to help flag them to verifiers (see page 44 of the user guide: https://www.brc.ac.uk/irecord/user-guide

Many thanks for the reply

Many thanks for the reply

Mike Bailey
Get used to it.....

If you become a regular user you'll see a lot of these messages. Sometimes even for really common species - it means you're adding to a species known range


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