Database very slow

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Database very slow

Database is painfully slow. iRecord application failing to upload records or fails to receive upload success.

I agree - I am also finding

I agree - I am also finding it very slow to load.  

Yes - also struggling.

Yes - also struggling. Prohibitively slow for me at the moment.

Site perilously slow

The website is becoming unusable. There needs to be some serious upgrade in hardware or software (memory, processing power etc) for iRecord to remain viable. It's taken me half an hour to post a short list with only two photos attached, and I did so without confidence in the mapping being recorded correctly for my site (I kept being relocated to somewhere in the Gulf of Guinea when I wanted SE London). 

The temporary issue with

The temporary issue with performance has been resolved.  Please report if you still experience delays.

thanks and apologies for the inconvenience caused.


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