Problem with random areas being added to freehand polygon

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Garry Wilson
Problem with random areas being added to freehand polygon


Novice iRecorder in some respects.

I have set up an activity which (hopefully) will enable me to access existing and future records of all wildlife observed in my parish. I am doing this because the biodiversity audit which is being used as part of the planning process is out of date and was not very good in the first place. It all seems to be working fine with one exception. I have drawn a freehand polygon around the parish boundary to establish "where". When I filter records, lots of other random records from other areas are included in the list of records. How do I correct this?

Record inclusion depends on

Record inclusion depends on the record location and the record location precision, so a record outside of a polygon can still be included if the limit of its precision touch the polygon. All you can do is tweak your boundary to minimize the problem; I'd set my boundary up as a site and then tweak it until the record selection looked ok. If you still have problem records then you can screen scrape the record list and then chop the offending records in Excel. Hope this helps. Best regards, Graham

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