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iRecord App 5.0.0


* General Survey
* Moth Survey
* Added Sex attribute
* Add ability to preserve records when logging out
* Add +/- buttons to abundance inputs
* Updated UI
* Updated the species list
* Improved species search
* Added liverwort and moss to Plant Survey
* Multiple bug fixes

Please let me know if you would like to test or found issues with the upcoming new release of the app. Thanks!

Hi, 4 problems so far.

Hi, 4 problems so far.

Home screen pending shows as 1 but there are no pending records

Location names are no longer prompted when you start to type them. They should also have the first letter capitalised.

No number but 1 can be typed in the number box.

First letter of comment should auto capitalise

Thanks I am looking into this

Thanks I am looking into this right now. When you say there is no number, what do you mean?


Try typing any number except

Try typing any number except 1 as a quantity and it comes up blank.

By the way the pending count problem was just me being stupid, so forget about that one.

I'm running iOS 12.4.4 on an

I'm running iOS 12.4.4 on an iPhone 6, with the test version of iRecord 5.0.0

The long-press to get to the General, Moth and Plant Survey's isn't very easy. You long-press and they appear but as soon as you take your finger off they go. You have to long-press then move your finger up to get the new menu to stay, then you have to take your finger off again and press on one of the options for it to work. And more often than not a quick tap makes the menu dissappear rather than activating it. It just feels a little frustrating to use.


In addition when you're adding moth records, for example, you can add a list of species quickly (which is really nice - and I love the ability to tap the number to add one more individual to the count), but they are all missing the 'stage' which is a required field, meaning you have to go back in to each species and add it. I know you can lock that field, which is fine if you remember when you first begin but what happens if you've added 100 moths from a trap - that is a long and laborous task! Maybe this is a training thing, but I wonder if there is a better way?


Also, as mentioned already, you can't manually enter a number any more - the only options to you are the slider or the up and down arrows.


In general - this is a brilliant update to the app! Thank you.

Hi both

Hi both

I have fixed all the issues that Graham has raised and the new version should be able available by tomorrow morning.

Thanks Steve for raising this. I will definitely have to fix the long-press if this isn't working right. For the stage attribute please share any ideas you have how to improve this. For now, I will just probably add a red star next to the species name to remind there is somehing missing.



All issues have been fixed

All issues have been fixed now, this should reach you with the new update. Well done guys for finding this out! Let me know if anything else comes out, I am particularly interested to know if the attribute locks and mapping works correctly.


I've updated to the latest

I've updated to the latest version.

I've been using the General list function. None of the field locks appear to work between adding species - you set them, it forgets them!

Map - I like the addition of the map from the home screen, and the records appear where they are supposed to. I'd prefer to have the OS layers to appear as you zoom out (as it works when you add a record) rather than just have the aerial photos (or the ability to switch between the layer you want to show records against).

Thanks, I will look into this

Thanks, I will look into this. It is good to hear that you like the map, it is only available if you have toggled the 'Enable Experiments' option in the settings at the moment. We're still experimenting with the idea of a map here.

Another suggestion. In the

Another suggestion. In the listing functions you have the very handy filter option, which cycles between order entered and alphabetical. How about a third option here: numeric - so the highest counts at the top of the list (or the opposite way round as well) - this would make adding more individuals of the most numerous species easy if you have a long list as they would be at the top.

Yeah, we could do this. I

Yeah, we could do this. I have put the request in our issue tracker so we can prioritise it:

By the way, feel free to create more of such ideas on GitHub yourself, i.e. skip the forum step :)

When using the General List

When using the General List option, you can select '1' from the predefied numeric options list. When you go back to the species list view this shows as N/A. You also cannot then press on the N/A to add another individual - this just then takes you in to the details of the record.

Manage saved past locations screen is now blank

The problems I previously reported have been fixed, but the manage saved past locations screen now shows no locationa - it's completely blank.

Best regards, Graham

Thanks Graham, the past

Thanks Graham, the past locations page should be fixed with the next update.


Unable to add records to 5.0.0 (3) on iPad. Type in snowdrop and a list appears, but on tapping one of the list, or the pencil nothing happens. Going back results in the pending page.

Thanks Origen, I have now

Thanks Origen, I have now fixed your issue amongst other fixes and it should come out with the next app update today or tomorrow. Thanks a lot for reporting this!

iRecord 5.0

I am still unable to add any new species. Using Android on a20e. Touch screen is not responding except to the App Back and Filter buttons and the text entry box. Can't select species from list or add when full name entered. Even my phone navigation back button is rendered inactive!

Now poartly resolved. Latest

Now poartly resolved. Latest update is letting me add species. My phone screen back button is still disabled.

Hi, thanks CharlieLimaBravo

Hi, thanks CharlieLimaBravo for updating us. Yes, the native Android back button is disabled for this app. We have logged it as a feature request.

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