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Martin Noble
Pending on App

I’ve entered 25 records on the (iPhone) App but they will not upload. They all show as Pending. Tried the upload button on each individual entry and also the upload all option in settings. I’m logged in successfully and have good internet connection. 5 previous records all uploaded successfully so it has worked before. Considering logging out and logging in but don’t want to lose all entered data...any thoughts or ideas???

Hi Martin, I wonder if you

Hi Martin, I wonder if you have changed your credentials on the website recently. You can logout and login without loosing your records, just make sure you untick the 'Discard local data' checkbox on the popup that comes up when logging out!

If this doesn't work then we'll have a furher look into this. Thanks.

I have the same problem have

I have the same problem have logged in and out doesn't help - i now have 85 pending

Hi Sarah

Hi Sarah

Thanks for your comment, I have looked into this and the message I can see my end is 'Could not find/authenticate user.'. Which is puzzling because I can also see some of your other recent records on the database successfully submitted. There might be a bug on the server or within the app but to find it I would need a bit more information and testing to do with your set up. I assume you are submitting your records with the 'Send All' option, would it be possible for you to try and submit one of those pending records individually and see if it goes through? on a WIFI connection ideally.


Hi, I am curently having the

Hi, I am curently having the same issue. Some records go but others do not. All the pending ones are to do with Moth Survey, but even some of these have gone. Some of the records do have a lot of attached photo's could this be an issue?
Same problem - 68 record pending

I’ve just downloaded the app today, and started a new account. 68 records “pending” upload. I tried logging onto iRecord via my browser, as opposed to the app, and it seems I already have an account, last used 2013! I read and purged 3 notifications. I used the same email address and password setting up a new account today and in 2013. That may be causing a conflict. Could this be the reason why my new records are not uploading?
Problem solved!

I clicked on a link in an email to activate my new account, and now the records in the app are all uploaded. Had to upload them individually though. Next time I’ll record species as a list, not as individual records!

Thanks for the info, yes, you

Thanks for the info, yes, you have to verify your account prior to uploading any records. We'll try to make this clearer in the app when a record fails to upload.

You can upload all your records in one go: Menu -> Settings -> 'Submit All'.


Simon Bates
Pending on App

I’ve had the same issue. Several moth lists uploaded fine but now I have two pending. Logged out/in but this didn’t solve issue. Also tried ‘submit all’. Didn’t work. Could it be too n m any photos? I’ve got an excellent WiFi connection.

Hi Simon, could you also

Hi Simon, could you also check if your records haven't reached the database by opening up your records list on this iRecord website. (Explore->My Records). It could be that the records have made it but are simply incorrectly shown in the app.

Also, are you using the latest 5.1.3 app version? App Menu -> Settings (bottom)



New records now all listed as "pending"

I am experiencing the same problem as reported by others here. Up until late May, all my records uploaded normally. Then, since 3rd June, everything sits as "pending". These have all been entered via the app, of which I have (I think) the current version: 5.1.3(1)  . I haven't changed anything to do with my profile for years - indeed, until visiting the website to investigate this today, I have done nothing with the account other than try to upload records via the phone app.

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