Incorrect date of Birth

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Incorrect date of Birth

The date of my birth has only the right month, everything else is wrong!  How do I edit this mistake? looked every-where that seemed logical to me but there is no administration here to go to.

Help would be gratefully received.  Thanks.

Jean J.

same problem DOB

I have the same problem. I signed up about two hours ago and just looked at my profile to see completely the wrong date/month/year. I didn't see anywhere to input date of birth in the sign-up form and can't find anywhere to correct it now.


Would love to know how.

Gustav Clark
How do you display your date

How do you display your date of birth?  I cannot see mine anywhere in My Account on the desktop version or in my settings in the App. I do have a single box to tick if I am under 16.


Yep, me too; i've been a member for over a year and have only noticed this now.. Surely there should be an 'edit profile' option but nope.... only the under 16? box to tick. I never remember having had the ability to enter dob in the first place. Guess we just have to run with it - just one of those random technical glitches that more often than not don't have a solution.

James Emerson
Where is this date of birth displayed?

I second Gustav's question, to those who have an incorrect data of birth showing, whereabouts are you seeing it? The only place I can see any basic personal details about me is if I click on the 'My Account' section, and there is a box to tick if you are under 16 but it doesn't show a date of birth for me.


To add to this - if you do check the "I'm under 16" box then it does give you the option to add a date of birth. So if you have done that by accident you could add one, but if you are over 16 then the year you put in would not tally with being 15 or less (i.e. earlier than 2005) so the date would presumably be invalid. So perhaps the issue isn't that the date of birth is wrong as such, it could be that the under 16 box has been ticked erroneously.

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