What have you done to the iRecord App?

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What have you done to the iRecord App?

iRecord now has a number of annoying problems on the iPhoneX. iOS fully updated but this was happening on the previous release,


  1. Unable to upload a plant survey if you fill in the VC. You are unable to make VC null once filled either.
  2. While using, the app can go completely blank, or show only a few of the records that are pending. You have to close the app completley and restart.
  3. GPS location does not always update for each record and it is difficult to tell wether the Lock is on or off - perhaps a different colour would solve it. Red locked - Green unlocked?
  4. While using for a plant survey last year, the beta version was warning me if I walked out of the monad, This version doesnt,
  5. The plant survey has started to sort the records in taxon order? This is not helpful - I would like to easly see what I have just entered.
  6. Because to plant survey has been failing to upload I've been recording as single records. I've noticed it randomly appears to resort some of the list.

Other then that the app is great!!

Thanks, we'll find some time

Thanks, we'll find some time next week to work on the issues you have outlined.

Plant survey sorting

The survey upload still doesn't seem to be working, whether VC is added or not (as in another thread) but I didn't have a problem with the record-sorting feature - tapping on the arrow-head (made of three horizontal lines) toggles between alphabetic order or order of adding to the list - the alphabetical order option is very helpful if youre not sure what you have already recorded, then you can go back to the recording sequence.  It's a really useful feature, when you know how to get back again (admittedly I found it by mistake).

Plant Survey Sort option

Hadn't notice that. Must have clicked on it and then didn't know how to get back.

Thank you.

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