Verification of butterflies and moths

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Verification of butterflies and moths


I'm just curious as to why none of my butterfly or moth records have ever been verified. I frequently see butterflies and moths in the 'latest records' area on the home page and I'm wondering if I should be adding mine differently but when I search under activities nothing comes up. Do Butterfly Conservation and other organisations collect data only from their own apps? Please can anyone give me some pointers as it's disappointing that the data isn't being used.  


James Emerson
You aren't doing anything wrong, perhaps check locally

For species groups that generate a lot of data (like butterflies and moths) the verification of records is usually down to a voluntary county recorder, usually linked to Butterfly Conservation, a local natural history society or local records centre (sometimes all three). If your records aren't being verified then there are several options, including:

1) Your county or vice county currently doesn't have a recorder to verify them

2) Records are downloaded and verified offline because the recorder doesn't want to engage with iRecord or has another system (not very common as discouraged, but does happen)

3) The recorder will go through all of the records at the end of the year

4) The recorder verifies records in batches, so just hasn't got to yours yet


You can get an idea of what might be happening by searching for butterfly records from your area from a few years ago to see if they have been verified. You might also want to have a look online for your local butterfly conservation branch to see if they have a preferred method of submitting records.

Ultimately by putting your records on iRecord they are available when someone does get round to verifying them, so it's not a bad thing.


Hi James

Thank you for your reply. We do have a county recorder for butterflies and his written reports can be viewed on the WSBRC website. There's information about how the centre collects data; I don't think they use iRecord. I did a quick search for the Wall butterfly as this isn't one of the very common species and it looks as if the UKBMS have verified a few of their own records in the county over the last year, so others are not being checked by the looks of it.

I was a member of Butterfly Conservation for several years and joined my local branch but they were unresponsive to my enquiries about recording and volunteering for local monitoring and surveys. I also reported a sighting of an unusual butterfly which I was very excited about, but again no response. It was very disappointing and I relinquished my membership.

Recently my focus has been on slugs so I was just curious about how butterfly and moth data seemed to be overlooked. As you say, eventually it may be useful so I will continue to add my occasional sightings. Thanks again for your comments.





My county moth recorder refuses to have anything to do with iRecord. He says that it is too difficult to access and download the records. Only saying....


Gustav Clark
Stay with the slugs.

Stay with the slugs.

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