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User name / personal name

I don't understand why my entries are listed under my personal name rather than my username. I thought the point of creating a username was to anonymise users' interactions. Other people's entries seem to vary - some have real names, some display with pseudonyms. How and where do I control this?

user name / personal name again

... althoug bizarrely my comments here are coming up under my pseudonym, while my actual records are showing up under my personal name. Confused.

As given in our privacy

As given in our privacy notice, we consider a name to be an essential part of a biological record.  "The component of your personal data that forms part of the biological record (i.e. your name as a recorder or as a verifier, and the location and time of the record) will be kept permanently as part of the scientific dataset."

The recorder name is populated using your first, surname set in your user account but can be edited.

This forum uses your username.

Hope this clarifies.


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