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moth range validation message

Cleaner message.

I got a notification from the first stage validation, called the "cleaner" (?) on 2 species of moths that I entered. I have checked that they are common in UK especially my area. I have checked my grid reference. The message is as follows   "Coordinate is outside known 10km range of Agrotis puta subsp. puta". The other one was Idaea aversata f.remutata, Riband wave.

Please tell me what is the problem.


James Emerson
Just ignore it

The record cleaner messages are automated based on rules either set in the past or based on records entered through iRecord or on NBN. This means for many groups where there are mutliple places to submit records, including moths, many will show as outside known range despite being common as records sent to Butterfly Conservation or via county moth websites might not be considered for the distributions.  It doesn't mean that there is a problem with the record, or that you need to do anything.

Additionally, with regards to the Shuttle Shaped Dart  record as Agrotis puta subsp. puta as stated above then that probably will genuinely not have too many records, as most people will have just recorded it as "Agrotis puta" without the subspecies and the two will be mapped separately.

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