Unable to upload pending records.

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Unable to upload pending records.

I have 16 pending records which dont seem to be sending. I have tried 'submit all' but this doesnt work. Please advise.

I'm seeing the same problem.

I'm seeing the same problem.

Same here

Grr. Me too. Two records sitting in the app waiting to upload. 62 records have uploaded successfully, every one a gem!

Same problem from new member

I am a new member and have just tried to submit my first two records but am having the same problem. I'm using the app.

That Inked Natu...
Unable to upload pending records

I have the same problem. I have cleared the cache on the app, cleared data on the app, reinstalled the app and restored my mobile to factory settings and I am still having the same problems.
This is quite frustrating as at this time of year I have 60-100 records to submit per day, so the backlog is building up.
It would be great to have this problem resolved soon.

Unable to upload

Me too. I have one record sat pending since yesterday afternoon which will not upload.

Yes, I've got the same

Yes, I've got the same problem. This happened about a year ago. Things have been fine since but nothing will move from pending last two days.


Following direct correspondence with one the the developers, this issue has now been resolved.



Yes, this now working OK.

Yes, this now working OK.

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