Advice Request When a Subject Falls Outside ‘Modern Range’

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Advice Request When a Subject Falls Outside ‘Modern Range’

Hi I am receiving the same comments for my recordings of Crab Spider ‘Misumena Vatia’ - I have a group of five hosting the remaining Ox Eye Daisies in the garden and have recorded a further two elsewhere in my garden.

1. That the grid is outside ‘Modern Range’ for Misumena Vatia.
2. ‘Can be identified in the field with care and experience. Needs a good view or examination with a good quality lens. Beginners should take voucher specimens until they gain familiarity and experience. Maybe identifiable from a good photo. Records acceptable from competent recorders’

A. Are these comments produced via machine or a real person?
B. Do I stop recording?
C. I would dearly to have a macro lense and further study and experience - something I am currently working on.
Would be delighted to hear comments Thank you

James Emerson
It's automated, just ignore it

The messages you are describing are automated messages generated by the system, not by a person, and are nothing to worry about.

There is no need to stop recording.

Many spiders are quite difficult to identify, but some, including Misumena vatia, are very distinctive so any sort of photo should be enough to accompany the record.


Also keep in mind that the spider recording scheme have their own website, so it might be that nobody verifies your record for a while,  but it is there on the system for when someone gets round to it or to be downloaded by your local records centre.

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