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Hi there

I currently have 111 uploaded sitings of various, but mainly birds.

I have been told I can upload same species as often as I like. I do this occasionally to verify they are still here or still visiting.

I seem to have reached a point where they won't upload, and just form a line under 'pending'

Is this an easily resolved problem ? I am a bit nervous to lose everything.

My address postcode is 2 Conifer Drive PO188TU

In addition- after a night of sonar recording, we verified 6 species of bat, and submitted the names. It seems that it's difficult to get these verified on irecord. Can you advise me on what else I can do, to confirm these, often daily/ nightly sitings through the warmer months.

Many thanks

Jon Keynes

Hi Jon, It looks that there

Hi Jon, It looks that there is an issue with authentication. Maybe you changed email, username or password. Try logging out uncheck the box 'Discard local data', then re-login and upload the records.


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