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Andrew Watchorn
Species List

 I have tried to enter Shagg Parasol - Chlorophyllum rhacodes  on your website. However the only species on the list is Chlorophyllum rachodes. Is this an error in the listing

James Emerson
Same species, just a synonym

This is the same species, so you are fine to enter it as Chlorophyllum rachodes. It also isn't a mistake - both spellings are synonyms.

The reason why is quite boring but centers around naming conventions. The species was originally names Agaricus rachodes, so despite all of the genus changes (Lepiota, Macrolepiota, Chlorophyllum) the species epithet should have remained the same. However, at some point an author decided that 'rachodes' was probably a spelling mistake, and was meant to have been rhacodes (as "rhaco" is Greek for shaggy) and books afterwards followed this line of reasoning, so many of us grew up knowing it as L/M/C. rhacodes. During the latest genetic work, when it was split into C. brunneum, olivieri and rachodes/rhacodes the original discrepancy was highlighted and so now some sources have moved to use the original spelling.

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