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Activity records not showing

I have set up the BLS Lichen recording Activity on the website, and it shows up on my phone.  I haven't quite got the hang of how to use it though - I can set the activity, and then click on the +, put the species name in, but then it goes back to the Activity choice panel, rather than straight back to Home.  (It took several tries before I realised anything had actually happened here.)

If I then go to Home, the species I had entered is waiting for details to be added, but the fields are not the lichen-specific fields of the activity (it has abundance, stage, sex).  I think maybe that applies to other Activities from the app though.

It does say 'BLS Lichen Records Activity' at the top of the entry screen. [It appears to let me enter any organism, not just lichens.]

When the record reaches the website, there doesn't appear to be any tag to show that it is for the BLS activity on my main Explore My Records list (maybe that's ok), but I can't see any records at all if I do a search within the website BLS Activity page.  So, the records arrive on the website, which is good, but don't seem to go into the activity.

I may well be missing something though.

(I have still got a plant survey on my phone with 76 records that will not upload.  Maybe I need to re-enter them manually and delete them from the app.) v5.1.4 (1) on iphone7


Edit: I tried searching from Explore My Records, using the filter.  If I put "lichen" into the Species Groups box, the system found all my lichen records. Nice!

However, if I put "lichen" in the "Species or Higher Taxa" field, although it accepted 'lichen', none of my records came up.  I tried several times.  Perhaps something like this is why the BLS Activity isn't showing any records.

Incidentally, I have never understood why there is a separate field for 'Species Groups' and 'Species or Higher Taxa', when some things seem to appear (but don't necessarily work) in both. 



Thanks for your comment. The activities in the app will not replicate input forms set up on the webite or restrict to what species you can record. Selecting an activity and creating a record merely puts that record in the activity 'bucket'. I will check why the records don't appear part of activities when uploaded.

When selecting an activity from the list it sets your default acitivy for the app for any subsequent records. When clicking the + to add a record it will create one for you and navigate back to the last place where you have left (which is the activities page).

I have checked the plant record issues and it appears that abundance value is failing our server validation rules.  /^(\d+|[DAFOR]|LA|LF)$/ - this basically means that the abundance value can either be a digit, D,A,F,O,R,LA,LF and no lowercase letters - with the next update I will fix it in the app so that lowercase is turned into uppercase upon submission. Please make sure these are the only values you have set for your plant records that don't upload.

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