Can I register for a whole group?

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Save Roughfields
Can I register for a whole group?

Hi we have a FB group set up to Save Roughfields which is a piece of open space in the High Peak. We have over 1k members and there has been slot of wildlife activity in recent days especially a barn owl. I'm trying to encourage people to record but it's quite a clunky process and I think puts people off. I've registered as my there a way I can put the link on so all they have to do is post in the group's name which is already set up? Thank you.we have 11acres which council want to turn into 102 houses Halina at Save Roughfields

John H Bratton
The reliability of the record

The reliability of the record depends on who does the identification, and with 1000 members your group will have a wide range of abilities. If a verifier wants to query a record, they need to contact the individual recorder. So, it isn't up to me to make the decision but I'm not in favour of a group of 1000 people being treated as one recorder.

Matt Smith
From the point of view of Bee

From the point of view of Bee, Wasp and Ant records on iRecord, any records which do not have an individual recorder name associated with them will not be accepted.  We need to know who identified each record so we can understand their ID skill levels and also get in contact / have queries answered if there are any.  The only exception to this is when records arrive with identifiable photos which allows the verifier to make an ID.

iRecord is designed to be a personal recording system, so allowing 1000 + members access to the one account / password is not a good idea.  I would suggest you encorage people to record with their own individual accounts and make use of the iRecord App.  There are various ways you can collate records for a particular project or area, which is probably the best way of doing things.

Domhnall Damh
Try setting up an Activity

One way to allow your group members to record and share their sightings is by setting up an Activity. Each member of your group would have their own iRecord account and record through it to the Activity you set up. Activity members can see what has been recorded by other people in the Activity. See the User Manual for more details. 

As for iRecord being off-putting for new joiners, one way to overcome that is for you, or a colleague, to set up dummy accounts in iRecord and hand them over to group members who would only have to change the login details and password. iRecord allows one person to have more than one account, so the volunteer(s) doing the donkey work can do so within the system as it stands. For example, High Peak 1, High Peak 2, etc.  

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