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I am not a regular user nor a social media user.   I added an observation earlier, very uncertain of ID as eggs on birch twig.  However, an iSpotter has suggested another ID based on the influential points site which describes the eggs of Symydobius oblongus shiny birch aphid  I think this is more likely but it is uncertain.  There are so few records of this (as with Kleidocerys resedae) in Scotland that I am hesitant. (Am in Central Scotland, record would be Stirling VC)


I have deleted the record here of Kleidocerys resedae, though not sure if I should have edited it rather than deleting it.  Also unsure re apology due to person who assisted with ID, Maria D.

Now plan to redo an observation of the eggs as possible Symydobius oblongus.


Could someone please advise on how one should negotiate these things?  Should I simply not add an observation unless more sure of ID?   Thanks!




My thought would be that you should not delete something once it has gone into iRecord.  If new information comes to like or a new ID then edit the entry.  That will flip any verified status (and so require the record to be rechecked by an expert) but that is what you want to happen.


The reason I'd say that is that someone else may have linked to your old record.  If you edit it anyone following up that link will see new information.  If you just delete it then its gone and they cannot tell you now have an alternative ID.



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