Importing a spreadsheet, How do you upload pictures?

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Importing a spreadsheet, How do you upload pictures?



I help to run the Garden Moth Scheme trap at the Cambridge University Botanic Garden. I have uploaded over 400 species (over several dates) to an iRecord activity (CU Wildlife Recording) using the import a spreadsheet function and I wanted to add pictures to some of the records but I don't seem to be able to. I really don't want to manually imput each record just to add a picture but for some records a picture would be really valuble.

I am not sure if its my web browsers (Safari and Chrome) but the table also is covered by the websites margines so there could be an upload picture button that I can't access? The table is cut off half way through the commons column.


Any help would be massively appreciated! Thank you





I'm afraid it not possible to upload photos using the spreadsheet importer.  Perhaps one option is to use the iRecord app (moth-trap function) to capture your moth-trap data, including photos, and then export to the GMS from there?



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