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LRC download

Just a query regarding the data extracts for LRCs. If I choose 'Spreadsheet (CSV)' format I get a particular set of field. If I choose 'NBN format' I get a slightly different (reduced) set of fields. However the 'habitat' field only appears on the NBN format, and the comments fields only appear on the CSV format. As an LRC I would like to take in both of these. Can the missing habitat field be added to the CSV format?

DGERC Manager

Sensitive records/blurring

We are attempting to put records into Recorder now from the LERC download so learning a few things. One immediate thing we have noticed is the sensitive records - in the download of the grid reference it just says the resolution has been blurred but not by how much and doesn't give a grid ref. I am sure when I have put records into iRecord I have specified whether to blur by 1km, 10km etc. so can we not have the approprate monad, tetrad or hectad given in this field please?

BUMP - Please would someone

BUMP - Please would someone from iRecord clarify what information is provided to LERCs in the downloads we have access to with regards to sensitive records. I have two significiant Pine Marten records, sourced from iRecord, that are (potentially) from an area (based on the details provided in the download) near a proposed development. However the location simply says "Sensitive. Lat long is approximate" so how can I possibly make use of this information and pass to someone without knowing more information about how it has been blurred, if the lat/long or grid ref provided has been blurred/changed? Makes the record useless unless we know how to deal with it.

Matt Smith
I have made the same comments

I have made the same comments elsewhere with regards to the "blurring" of sensitive records.  It is of no use to anyone if records of sensitive species with a full, detailed geo-location are not available for full download by approved people or organisations (I am thinking of GCN in my case).  If these records can not be use properly by LRCs or planners there is no point to them being on iRecord.  "Blurring" should only apply to the mapping of such records for public view.

Having said all that, I have downloaded records flagged as "sensitive" and noticed that as well as the "approximate" Lat/Long - GPS location in the expected field, there is another field in the download containing the full detailed Geo-reference attached to the record.  I think this may be the "calculated OS Grid" field or similar, but it was enough to put a dot on the map where I know the record originated from.  I now have a record at this end with the full geo-location but with a "sensitive" flag attached so that the record on the NBN is only provided at the 10k level to public viewing the map on the NBN.   This point about sensitive records does need clarification.  


Thanks Matt. I'll investigate

Thanks Matt. I'll investigate the downloaded data but further clarification would be helpful so that users like LERCs can use the data with confidence.

LERC Download

GiGL is also struggling to know what to do without the accurate grid reference. Without it we're unable to upload these records to Recorder6. Any advice about what to do with the records (or obtain the full accuracy) would be greatfully received.

Ellie Knott
Sensitive records

On a related topic, our local Badger Group has asked if badger sett records are automatically flagged as sensitive on iRecord, and if the grid references were degraded.  They were concerned that people can download all records of badgers, with details of setts at 100m resolution.

Do the recorders have to flag the records as sensitive when they are entered, or is it done automatically?  How are sensitive records dealt with?



Eleanor Knott

Devon Biodiversity Records Centre

Matt Smith
Looking at the two input

Looking at the two input forms, on the "Enter a Casual Record" form the Recorder has the option to tick an "is this record sensitive" box as part of the record entry.  However, on the "Enter a list of Records" page there does not appear to be this option.  Not sure how spreadsheet uploades would handle this either. 

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