Mammal Tracker

Tracking mammal life in the UK
Mammals in the British Isles are surprisingly under-recorded. We need to find out more about their whereabouts and numbers, and you can help us by downloading this free app.

The quick and easy way to identify and submit records of mammals when out and about! Whether it’s a direct sighting or one of their many field signs, let us know what you’ve seen and if possible, try your best to get a photo.

The Mammal Society is working alongside Natural Apptitude, with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, to improve our understanding of the spread and numbers of mammal species in the British Isles.

Mammals are very under-recorded, especially in comparison to other species groups such as birds. Their elusive and often nocturnal behaviour means they are often difficult to see and record. We are keen to change this and need your help to build a detailed map of mammal populations across the British Isles. We cannot effectively conserve species without the baseline data of where they are and their population numbers, so this is where Mammal Tracker comes into play!

Whether it is a direct sighting of a mammal or one of their many field signs that you have spotted, anyone can submit a record through the app, you don’t have to be an expert. The app helps you to identify what you have seen and all records are verified by mammal experts in each county before they are included in our database. We need records of ALL species, whether they are common or rare, big or small, urban or rural, we want to hear about them all!

The Mammal tracker app, available free from the iTunes App Store and Android Play Store, shows you how to identify each species and enables you to easily submit geo-located photos whenever you find one. The app features 39 species and also includes a "Confusion Species" gallery for species that are difficult to identify.  For more information, or to contact the developers, see the Mammal Tracker page on Natural Apptitude's website.

Available free from the iTunes App Store and Android Play Store