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Common Sorrel

A tufted, short-lived perennial of neutral to slightly acidic soil in meadows, pastures, woodland rides and glades, mountain ledges and shingle beaches; absent from severely improved grasslands and leys. 0-1215 m (Breadalbanes, Mid Perth).

A short-lived perennial herb found on fixed sand dunes, dune grassland and machair. Plants from open, serpentine debris in Shetland cannot be distinguished from plants on sand dunes, and are included within this subspecies. Lowland.

Sheep`s Sorrel

A rhizomatous perennial herb of dry heaths, non-calcareous sand dunes, shingle beaches and other short, open grasslands on acidic, impoverished, sandy or stony soils. It is sometimes found on outcrops of acidic rocks. 0-1050 m (Carnedd Llewelyn, Caerns.).

Scottish Dock

An aquatic perennial herb growing on silty and gravelly lake shores, beside ditches and streams, in marshes, wet fields and woodland clearings. Lowland.

Hooked Dock

A rhizomatous perennial herb of fields, rubbish tips and waste ground, which is normally introduced in wool shoddy. It is usually casual, but can be naturalised; reproduction is by seed and rhizomes. Lowland.

Russian Dock

A large, rhizomatous perennial herb naturalised on a few roadside verges. Lowland.

Clustered Dock

A short-lived perennial herb of wet meadows, stream and river banks, ditches, muddy pathsides and field margins and gateways, often in places flooded or waterlogged in winter. 0-420 m (Swindale, Westmorland).

Curled Dock

An annual to short-lived perennial herb of waste ground, roadsides, disturbed pastures and arable land; also in a range of coastal habitats including drift-lines, shingle beaches, sand dunes, tidal river banks and the uppermost parts of saltmarshes. 0?845 m (Great Dun Fell, Westmorland).

A perennial herb of shingle beaches, sandy and rocky shores, banks by the sea, sand dunes and the upper part of saltmarshes. It is most frequent in strand-line communities on shingle. Lowland.

A perennial herb of tidal mud- and river banks near the upper limits of tidal influence, especially where the banks are steep and unstable. Lowland.