Ulmus glabra x minor x plotii (U. x hollandica)

Tracheophyta MagnoliopsidaUlmaceaeUlmusUlmus glabra x minor x plotii (U. x hollandica)


A tall and rather spreading tree of hedgerows and field-borders, but rarely in woodland, limited in its natural ecological and geographical ranges to those of its U. plotii parent. This hybrid suckers more freely than U. x vegeta and is more commonly a constituent of managed hedgerows. Lowland.



World Distribution

Frequent in W. Europe.

Distribution information

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PLANTATT - Attributes of British and Irish plants. (.zip 1455KB) This dataset was compiled and published in 2004, and last updated in November 2008. Download includes an Excel spreadsheet of the attributes, and a PDF explaining the background and nomenclature. Note that the PDF version is the booklet as published, whereas the Excel spreadsheet incorporates subsequent corrections. A hardcopy can be purchased from the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology.