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Rank Title Description Species total
41 Bekynton House

Richard Comont's garden in Sutton Courtenay, South Oxfordshire - just under 1/4 of an acre, including the house, scene of regular moth trapping and ad hoc other recording between 2011 and the end of 2014

42 Nigel Jones's Romsey Garden, Hampshire

Moved here in 1996. This garden is one hectare of mixed broad-leaved woodland (mainly oak, beech and birch) plus a small area of wild grassland, lawns and three ponds. In 2019 recorded 1010 species in garden as a year list.

43 Paul Bowyer's Garden Weston-super-Mare

90ft urban garden in Weston-s-Mare. Recording since 2018 which includes Moth trap list since 2006.

44 Walters Ash, Buckinghamshire

Neil Fletcher's garden.  Regular moth-trapping and ad hoc recording over 15 years in semi-rural garden adjacent to Naphill Common.

45 Norton Priory, Runcorn, Cheshire - (SJ548834)

Norton Priory is a historic site in Norton, Runcorn, Cheshire, England, comprising the remains of an abbey complex dating from the 12th to 16th centuries, and an 18th-century country house; it is now a museum.

46 Mark Telfer's garden, Bedfordshire

Recording since 2004. Rarely run a light trap. No pond. List includes 6 Red Data Book invertebrates, though mostly species with out-of-date statuses: Gonocerus acuteangulatus (Box Bug), Ero aphana (spider), Scydmaenus rufus (beetle), Gorytes laticinctus (wasp), Choleva cisteloides (beetle) and Hecatera dysodea (Small Ranunculus). Also 22 Nationally Scarce species.

47 MWS garden, West Berks

Malcolm Storey's old garden in West Berkshire. We lived there from 1990 to 2013. Pond, wildlife meadow. Adjoins ancient woodland (derelict chestnut coppice) and pine plantation, and is close to the heathland of Bucklebury Common. Ad hoc recording and a few years of moth trapping in the spring.

48 Titchfield Haven NNR

Hampshire County Council - wetland reserve. Reedbed, fen, pools, man-made scrapes, wet meadows etc. Also including the seafront & canal path.

49 Stephen Howarth's former garden, North Warwickshire

A small suburban garden in a village in North Warwickshire. Adjacent to a small ancient woodland which is designated as a Local Nature Reserve. We lived here from October 2009 to February 2018 and been moth trapping throughout that time. Most other records are casual ones.

I've been keeping a list of animals for the garden for some time but only added plants and fungi later. Almost certainly missed some as I've only included ones which I can definitely remember having recorded.

50 Great Kimble garden

Martin Harvey's garden, the site of lots of random, ad hoc recording since 2005.



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