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Rank Title Description Species total
51 Stephen Howarth's former garden, North Warwickshire

A small suburban garden in a village in North Warwickshire. Adjacent to a small ancient woodland which is designated as a Local Nature Reserve. We lived here from October 2009 to February 2018 and been moth trapping throughout that time. Most other records are casual ones.

I've been keeping a list of animals for the garden for some time but only added plants and fungi later. Almost certainly missed some as I've only included ones which I can definitely remember having recorded.

52 Stephen Howarth's garden in South Lincolnshire

Small garden in a little village surrounded by farmland, on the edge of the fens, so attracting some wetland species. Regular moth trapping and other casual records. We moved in here in February 2018.

53 Great Kimble garden

Martin Harvey's garden, the site of lots of random, ad hoc recording since 2005.

54 John Walker's garden, West Notts.

A small (c100m2) urban garden with a small (1m2) pond, not specifically managed for wildlife apart from being left rather unkempt. Situated on the edge of town with rough grassland and arable farmland to the north, ornamental trees planted by the local council on the adjacent plot.  Moth trapping since 2002 started my interest in PSL at home, over 40% of my records are now from this site.

55 Finley Hutchinson's garden, Reading

Medium sized urban garden in central reading, completely enclosed by housing. Birds seen/heard in/from the garden, everything else within. Only started properly counting in March 2020 (start of lockdown!) but the odd record from before that. Regular moth trapping through the summer and occasional in winter, other than that mainly beating bushes snd getting grubby!

56 Hollingbury Wildpark LNR

A chalk grassland area to the north of Brighton. It includes a golf course, meadows, a set-aside field, woodland and scrub.

57 Gaywood Valley: Osier Marsh

Grass marshland, The Woodland Trust's Reffley Wood and domestic residences on eastern edge of King's Lynn, Norfolk.

58 Fishwick Local Nature Reserve, Preston

This LNR is a mixture of a reclaimed landfill site; an allotment; a relic apple orchard; a watercress farm; a typha swamp and a woodland.  There are 7 grassland areas that have been developed on the landfill sites.  There are 3 permanent ponds and a number of temporary ponds.  Throslock Wood at the eastern end of the Reserve is a Biological Heritage Site which is made up of mature, native non-plantation woodland.




59 Aylesbury Garden

Ryan Clark's garden in Aylesbury. Set in a urban location and not really managed especially for wildlife apart from; a small area of meadow flowers, a 1m square pond and some nesting space for bees and wasps.

60 TQ4335 (Forest Row, East Sussex)

The kilometre square just to the north of the village of Forest Row, mostly comprising Tablehurst Farm (organic) and Emerson College. There are small ghyll streams, several large ponds, clusters of Ancient Woodland, and meadow, as well as the old railway line (now the Forest Way) and the river Medway.

An ongoing project started 1 January 2015 by Forest Row natural history group.



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