Early stages - Pachygastrinae

Recognising the genus

ID features for Pachygastrinae

1. cf Pachygaster atra (Dark-winged Black) - larva only

Photos by Daniel Blyton. Probably Pachygaster atra larva, based on dark stripes on body. Found 21 December 2020, in a North Essex garden. It was about 6mm long (not extended).

Pachygaster atra larva

Larva - dorsal

ID features for Pachygaster atra

Identification features for Pachygaster atra

Pachygaster atra larva

Larva - ventral

Pachygaster atra larva

Head - dorsal, close-up

Pachygaster atra larva

Last segment - dorsal, close-up


2. Pachygaster leachii (Yellow-legged Black) - confirmed by rearing

Jane Thomas found a larva in a compost bin on 26 March 2020 (Mid-west Yorkshire) and reared it through, with an adult female emerging on 16 June 2020.

Pachygaster leachii

Identification features for Pachygaster leachii:

ID features for Pachygaster leachii