Other resources

Workshop materials

Most of the resources below have been developed for training workshops run by Martin Harvey. The versions here were last updated in February 2018.

  • Workshop handouts (revised Feb 2018): PDF, includes sections on
    • Identifying the group
    • Resources list
    • Sending in records
    • Taking photographs for identification and recording
  • Soldierflies and allies checklist (includes scientific and English names, identification difficulty, plus notes on habitats, distribution and conservation status based on the 2017 review):
  • See also the additional notes to support the Stubbs and Drake ID keys.

Recording scheme presentation

A presentation given at the Bedfordshire Natural History Society "neglected insects" conference in November 2016:

Robberfly maps

These Asilidae distribution maps were prepared with help from Malcolm Smart, who assisted greatly with checking records in odd places! They are based on the data available in the recording scheme website up to autumn 2016. They don't claim to be definitive, but should give a good idea of where the various species are found in Britain.