Rare Arable Flowers App

iRecord Dragonflies app

Mobile apps for species identification and recording

The Biological Records Centre has collaborated with a number of recording schemes and mobile app developers to launch a range of smartphone apps in the past 5 years. These apps provide identification resources and aim to make it easy to submit wildlife records. The sightings go to iRecord, allowing recorders to see all their observations in one place.

A national-scale assessment of climate change impacts on species: Assessing the balance of risks and opportunities for multiple taxa

New BRC / BSBI Plant Recording Card on iRecord

Over recent months BRC have been working with the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland to bring a ‘square bashing’ data input mode to iRecord. The results of this can be found at www.brc.ac.uk/irecord/enter-vascular-plants and a PDF overview of the functionality (in the form of a poster recently presented at the BSBI Scottish Recorders’ Meeting and the Annual Exhibition Meetings) is available here.


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