May 2014


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And I am not referring to cattle.

Whilst there are many things I am yet to see, longhorn beetles generally are good to see and of these I was hoping to see Anaglyptus mysticus in particular this year. I was therefore well chuffed to sweep one off of hawthorn locally on Friday late afternoon. Whilst very compliant for a photo, it would happily sit still on anything but hawthorn .......

Like all such things, having seen one for the first time on Friday...

Biodiversity Gatwick: Early summer invertebrating

Some pretty strange creatures were out and about at Gatwick last week... Plus a few invertebrates too!


Spider with no common name (Cyclosa conica), but which I shall now think of as Cone-Bum Spider

Highlights on a dull day

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Following Martin Harvey's post last week about some excellent plants he'd seen very close to where I live in south Buckinghamshire,I finally had a chance to get out this morning to go to Lodge Hill SSSi to look for Meadow Saxifrage, a plant I'd not seen before.  It wasn't a great day for botanising, an overcast morning with the stiff cold wind, but they were still there in full flower, about 30 flower-heads in total.  



I also found the Shepherd's-needle Martin had...

Close to home

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My most recent eight new species have all come from close to home, in fact actually in my home for one of them.


Last year I noticed a plant on a nearby road verge, with yellow flowers and four petals, and spent some time trying to work out what sort of crucifer it was, but failed to come up with a satisfactory ID. It's flowering in the same place this year, and I again spent some time puzzling over the crucifer (cabbage family) pages, before it struck me that the leaves looked a bit like a poppy. So I tried the poppy family instead, and there it was - Greater Celandine ...