Skye's the Limit

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So I've been living on the Isle of Skye for over a week now (slight contrast to Southampton and the Scillies!) and I've started a Blog.

Essentially it's all about my Pan-species Listing roughly 600 miles north of my usual haunts.

Have a look and see what I've seen so far this week!

This is where I found 'aquatic' centipedes a few days back.......

Pan listing species parameters - at home and abroad

Having received a number of comments concerning my recent up-load of species scores onto the Pan Listers Facebook site, I thought I might write a blog concerning my lists, the reasons I make them and some of the conditions I apply. Although of interest to, I believe, a very few, I am as concerned about world listing as I am about more local UK or British Isles listing. Personally I do not keep a garden, or county list in any group, but that is my choice as are all the conditions under which I keep my record totals. I do keep a year list, as I believe this keeps me on my toes in species...


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