Rank Full name Species total Last updated on Latest addition Age
1 Jonty Denton 12631 22nd March, 2019 2018 so far Anyphaena numida, Cylindroiulus londinensis, Leiobunum sp A, Leptacinus intermedius,Torymus spinosus Hyde Park , Parabathyscia wollastoni, jersey tiger, Scolopostethus pictus, Rhaphigaster nebulosa, Japananus hyalinus, St.James pk,Meligethes brunnicornis, Thamiocolus viduatus ,Elstead Sy. Neuroterus saliens, Aldershot, Placottetix taeniatifrons,Donacochara speciosa, Hololepta plana Silusa rubiginosa Hyde Park. Aprocerus leucopoda (elm zigzag sawfly) in Hampshire..Yikes! Eana incanana Lamprochernes chyzeri Odiham, Rhizophagus cribratus Tye common, Macrosiphoniella tanacetaria, Penhow. Gorytes laticinctus Bracknell, Taphrina caerulescens, Mallota cimbiciformis, Lonchaea peregrina, Daphnia magna, Hyde park, Hoploplagia transversalis, Anthocoris minki Teynham N.Kent, Nemophora fasciella, Macrophya rufipes St.James Pk, Hoplocampa crataegi, Dryinus collaris,Pulvinaria hydraengeae Greenwich, Acanthodelphax denticauda, Scottianella dalei odiham, Bagous brevis NF, Grimmia obscura, Monmouth, Spularia flavicaput, Berks,Barbastelle sussex, Melecta albifrons, Nomada zonata, Osmia cornuta, Anyphaena sabina Hoplocampa chrysorrhoea, Hyde Park, 26.4. Medon apicalis, Arthrolips obscura, Ophelimus cf maskelli Botaurus lentiginosus 2017 backlog Atomaria scutellaris from 1996! when it would have been first for Hants! D'oh! Epuraea ocularis, Dienerella vincenti etc. Bledius fuscipes Cumbria in 2003! 52
2 David Gibbs 11575 19th April, 2018 Rhagium inquisitor 28/10/15 reared from larvae found in Black Wood of Rannoch 31/3/14; Chestnut Bunting Emberiza rutila Papa Westray, 25/10/15
3 Mark Telfer 8239 6th January, 2019 Longitarsus lycopi (flea-beetle), Southampton, 17.viii.2018. Calligypona reyi, Linnavuoriana sexmaculata (hoppers), Southampton, 10.vii.2018. Dryops striatellus (aquatic beetle), Southampton, 18.v.2018. Polydrusus impressifrons (weevil), Tilbury, 24.v.2018. Catbird, Land’s End, 28.x.2018. Cape Stock-rose Sparmannia africana, Woad-leaved Ragwort Senecio glastifolius, Monterey Cypress Cupressus macrocarpa, Australian Blackwood Acacia melanoxylon, Spiny Oleaster Elaeagnus pungens, Shrub Goldilocks Chrysocoma coma-aurea, Mexican Fleabane Erigeron karvinskianus, Nettle-leaved Goosefoot Chenopodium murale, Geophilus osquidatum (centipede), Roncocreagris cambridgei (Cambridge's Two-eyed Chelifer pseudoscorpion), Heterodermia leucomelos (Ciliate Strap-Lichen), Rhodometra sacraria (Vestal), Crocidosema plebejana (Southern Bell moth), Depressaria radiella (Parsnip Moth), Bryher & Tresco, 20-27.x.2018. Lucilia sericata (greenbottle), Elephant & Castle, 24.viii.2018. Megaselia armata (phorid fly), Brentwood, 27.iii.2018.
4 Nicola Bacciu 7390 10th February, 2019 Decticus verrucivorus Wartbiter Wilts Sep 18, Laccaria bicolor Devon Sep 18, many lichens and lichenicolous fungi (some new to Britain to follow), Hygrocybe ovina Blushing Waxcap North Devon Dec 2018, 3 lichenicolous fungi on Blackingstone Tor on Christmas Day 2018, Lichenochora epifulgens on Scrambled egg lichen and Clypeococcum epicrassum on Squamarina at Penhale Sands Jan 19, Fuscopannaria mediterranea near Buckland in the Moor, Feb 19. 51
5 Brian Eversham 7259 7th January, 2019 A fairly quiet 2018, with a lot of effort getting to know the newly described Goldilocks Buttercups - 15 species so far, and a couple I'm still struggling with - and the new Elm species too (ending the year on 51 of the 63 taxa, and maybe a couple more in my herbarium when I do more measurements). Most are convincingly distinct, and with different ranges of insects feeding on them. Zigzag Elm Sawfly from at least 28 sites so far, on 20 different host elm species. Highlights in 2018 included Sundew Plume Buckleria paludum on Thorne Moors (adults, larvae, pupa and exuviae), Cladonia mitis on the Norfolk coast, long-overdue Equisetum pratense on a Scottish trip, and Geopora sumneriana in one of the Goldilocks churchyards. And, as I've done more with Sphagnum, also gradually getting into testate (case-bearing) amoebae. 2017 was good fun overall, with a really useful FSC weekend on soil mesofauna (not yet showing strongly in the species totals, but I've started seeing more pseudoscorpions, and lots of springtails and mites to look forward to in the autumn. A Scottish holiday finally provided Scheuchzeria palustris and some attractive fungi and beetles. Latest highlight was Dendrochernes cyrneus, a stunning pseudoscorpion apparently new to Woodwalton Fen.
6 Graeme Lyons 7252 23rd March, 2019 Sintula corniger new to West Sussex from Black Hole, Burton Pond. Suction-sampled on 13th March 2019. 40
7 the late Eric Philp 6878 21st April, 2014 Eric's pan-species list is dated 3rd July 2012.
8 Matt Prince 6877 10th February, 2019 Mite like harvestman Scotolemon doriae, and mite like harvestman like mite Labidostoma luteum both from Plymouth 2018, Pseudoscorpion, Chthonius tetrachelatus whilst looking for mite like harvestman in my local cemetery. Southern Oak Bush Cricket Meconema meridionale returning from a walk in London (20/10/18) - also several spiders that refuse to mature. Stonking ground spider Gnaphosa lugubris at Orford Ness. Money spider Moebelia penicillata Bovey Tracey 21/12/18. Collembola Neelus murinus from Penhale Jan 19. Winter active money spiders Walckenaeria monoceros and Typhochrestus digitatus from Braunton Burrows Feb 2019. 50
9 Richard Comont 6759 19th December, 2018 The Horseshoe Ladybird, Clitostethus arcuatus, from Worcestershire 34
10 Steve Lane 6729 16th December, 2018 Ending the year out, another batch of microlepidoptera (mainly Coleophora species from a moth-trapping session at Ringstead Downs Norfolk in July identified by gen dets), a number of molluscs from Thorpe Marsh including Segmentina nitida, Valvata cristata and Bathyomphalus contortus, more aleocharine rove beetles (7 new species) and the groundbug Drymus pumilio.
11 Simon Davey 6722 30th December, 2018 Rufous Turtle Dove, Radford's Flame Shoulder, Abia sericea, Andrena vaga
12 Tony Davis 6579 8th February, 2019 Tanypeza longimana
13 Malcolm Storey 6274 18th October, 2018 Steatonyssus periblepharus (bat mite)
14 Andrew Cunningham 6118 22nd March, 2019 More flies.......Helina abdominalis, Phytomyza flavicornis & Melanagromyza lappae as well as Gyalideopsis muscicola (lichen) on moss.
15 Paul Bowyer 6078 1st March, 2019 15 new in January. 27 new in February. March:
16 Alastair Stevenson 5980 26th February, 2019 From 2018: Parmelia minarum, Teloschistes chrysopthalmus, Sepiola atlantica, Anthopleura thallia, Leratiomyces ceres, and the stunning micro-moth Olethreutes arcuella. 61
17 Tim Hodge 5958 20th March, 2019 101 new species for Jan/Feb, including 33 diptera, 31 hemiptera and 22 coleoptera. Been getting more into hemiptera this year, so hope to see quite a few additions in this group. Mar: Pelina similis, Lasiosomus enervis, Lindbergina aurovittata 63
18 John Coldwell 5769 21st November, 2018 Chrysolina marginata. 2014 additions now included, 92 diptera, mainly calypterates, all from Barnsley area. Quite a few chironomids new for 2015. Also Ring-necked Parakeet and a new mammal - Chinese Water Deer (not from Barnsley!) 2016 saw 52 new diptera recorded locally, mainly chironomids, 6 new to Yorkshire. Pipunculus oldenbergi was a large pipunculid found at 2 localites also new for Yorks. A mysterious agromyzid that so far has evaded determination awaits specialist attention. Dusky Thrush.
19 Stephen Plummer 5708 25th March, 2019 January: Phytomyza flavicornis (in Nettle stem); Phoma samararum (on Ash keys); Peritrechus lundii (groundbug).
20 Julian Small 5575 18th March, 2019 Spider: Diplostyla concolor. Bug: Loricula pselaphiformis. Beetles: Agonum ericeti, Myllaena brevicornis, Hylecoetus dermestoides and Ischnosoma splendidum. Flies: Thripomorpha bifida, Drosophila picta, Oedalea flavipes and Hilara discoidalis. Lichens: Candelariella xanthostigma and Lecanora dispersa. Panerema inops - a brachypterous braconid wasp that parasitizes scuttle flies. 45
21 William Bishop 5542 10th March, 2019 Now seen Dusky and Pallid Cockroach in Herts (and Lesser at Dunge).
22 Kev Rylands 5508 12th March, 2019 Some good slum botany on the New Years Plant Hunt with Croatian Knapweed (Centaurea ragusina) & Algerian Lily (Iris unguicularis) enjoying Torbay's Mediterranean climate, a couple of daffodils also added whilst waiting for proper plants to emerge. A Gibster hosted rockpooling session saw me catching Verrucaria mucosa, Orange Botrylloides & Sting Winkle, along with some new species such as Baked Bean Ascidian and Wrack spot (Stigmidium ascophylli). Other highlights included a Natterer's Bat at a winter roost, the spiders Lepthyphantes leprosus, Pseudeuophrys lanigera & Steatoda bipunctata, the common micro fungi Phacidium multivalve on Holly, Ivy & Laurel Speckle (Trochila craterium & laurocerasi), False Puffball slime mould, two weevils on Gorse; Protopirapion atratulum and the gall of Stenopterapion scutellare; and as spring arrives some flying insects the muscid Phaonia tuguriorum and the sawfly Aglaostigma aucupariae. Greedy second helpings of Large Tortoiseshell & Yellow Whitlow Grass. 45
23 Seth Gibson 5410 21st March, 2019 The sickle-fanged beast that is Tasgius melanarius and the lightning quick blur that is Sepedophilus nigripennis. For my latest sightings visit http://uigboy.blogspot.co.uk 47
24 John Martin 5204 20th March, 2019 Got to 5000 18-2-18 courtesy of excellent day out on Mendip with Wessex Bryology, the masses of Grimmia donniana being the round numbered one, according to my notes. Finally got Swallowtail and loads of Norfolk Hawkers in E Anglia in June with Andy Musgrove's help, along with 7 new macro moths (about 5 years' worth these days!), Pool Frog et al. 59
25 Calum Urquhart 5119 12th March, 2019 SPHAGNUM BALTICUM! 21
26 Andy Musgrove 5038 24th March, 2019 Dec 2018: only two new species recorded during the month, those being Mucilago crustacea (Dog Sick Slime-mould) in Shotesham and the spider Megalepthyphantes nebulosus in the toilet block at Winterton Dunes. 47
27 Martin Harvey 4809 27th January, 2019 Finally (it's only taken me six years or so!) I've got round to properly sorting out the links between my MapMate species names and my iRecord species names. I've also filtered out various species aggregates and sub-species that were being double-counted. I now have a much tidier, but shorter, list! This hides a few additions during 2018 (mostly flies and beetles), and also provides incentive to keep recording during 2019 :)
28 George Tordoff 4612 16th July, 2018 A productive two days in Kent with Tony added 40 species including Scarce Black Arches, Fiery Clearwing, Dotted Fan-foot, Pigmy Footman, Ground Lackey and Bright Wave. 41
29 Neil Fletcher 4543 2nd September, 2018 Starting to look at bees and wasps this year, many new species thanks to excellent FSC courses by Steven Falk and Ian Cheeseborough. Recorded 50 speces of aculeates this year so far. New bee species include Andrena thoracia, Andrena timmerana, Andrena denticulata, Andrena pilipes, Lasioglossum villosum, Megachile centuncularis, Megachile leachiella, Megachile maratima, Megachile willoughbiella, Mellinus arvenis, Panurgus banksianus, Panurgus calcaratus, Osmia leania, Colletes phodieus and best of all Eucera longiornis. New wasps include Crassocerus cetratus, Crassocerus elongatus, Crassocerus megacephalus and lots more!
30 Sally Luker 4364 30th December, 2018 The mythical Pygmy-rush and Land Quillwort plus lots of other Lizard niceties.
31 Nicholas Montegriffo 4254 27th February, 2019 Dumetella carolinensis (Grey Catbird), Anax ephippiger (Vagrant Emperor), Delphinapterus leucas (Beluga), Bacillus rossius (Mediterranean Stick-insect), Hippocrepis emerus (Scorpion Senna), Sylvia hortensis (Western Orphean Warbler), Monticola saxatilis (Rock Thrush), Frankenia laevis (Sea-heath), Potamogeton alpinus (Red Pondweed) 60
32 Bill Urwin 4000 12th March, 2019 Beluga Whale, Dalmatian Pelican, Eastern Orphean Warbler, Grey Catbird, Vagrant Emperor, Large Tortoiseshell. plus a load of fungi. 66
33 Mark Jackson 3706 26th July, 2017 After a visit to Meall Glas, Perthshire - Shepherds Cress, Melancholy thistle, Carex pauciflora, Lesser twayblade, Northern billberry, Cranberry, Northern Bedstraw, Alpine meadow rue, Alpine Bistort, Hair sedge, Beech Fern, New Zealand Willowherb, Purple saxifrage, Grey Mountain Carpet (Entephria caesiata). 51
34 Pete Forrest 3622 28th December, 2018 End of 2018 update
35 Keith Robson 3515 1st February, 2019 A trip to the coast gave me 6 new molluscs among other things and elsewhere, all in the vc, the spiders Drassodes cupreus and Uloborus plumipes, Swartz's Feather-moss (Oxyrrhynchium hians), Beech Woodwort (Hypoxylon fragiforme) and the lichens Parmelina tiliacea & Umbilicaria polyphylla
36 Steven Gale 3506 18th November, 2018 19/07/18 Oak Processionary (Banstead, Surrey); 06/08/18 Cydia amplana (Banstead, Surrey); 27/08/18 Beautiful Marbled (Dungeness, Kent); 02/09/18 Marsh Mallow Moth (Lydd, Kent); 04/09/18 Slender Hare's-ear (Scotney, Kent); 17/10/18 Musotima nitidalis (Banstead, Surrey) 59
37 Sam Thomas 3500 29th January, 2019 Some whitebeams (Sorbus cheddarensis, S. eminens, S. eminentoides, S. leighensis and S. stenophylla), Chenopodium giganteum, Solanum physalifolium, Apium repens. 30
38 David Shute 3431 8th January, 2019 Trechinothus smardae (resupinate fungi) and Four-rayed Earthstar (Geastrum quadrifidum) Jan'18 58
39 James McCulloch 3383 25th March, 2019 23 March - Arthonia cinnabarina, Wadhurst. 24 March - Luzula sylvatica, Verrucaria viridula, Tetragnatha montana and Dendrothele acerina, Brockhill Wood. 15
40 Ali(stair) Shuttleworth 3287 15th March, 2019 March 2019: Stenus brunnipes, Tachyporus nitidulus, Tachyporus pusillus, Paradidymella tosta, Dasyscyphus clavigerus, Ophiopbolus erythroporus
41 Mark Skevington 3283 10th January, 2017 Dusky Thrush, Beeley 07/01/2017 48
42 Sean Browne 3190 3rd October, 2018 A great weekend at Bawdsey Hall for National Moth Night. Highlights were Obscure Wainscot and Beautiful Marbled. 62
43 Neil Harvey 3179 19th January, 2019 Pinophila bifasciana, Depressaria radiella, Cydalima perspectalis, Campiglossa producta, 48
44 Jeff Blincow 3164 22nd April, 2015 Agonum sexpunctatum at Hankley Common 15/04/15
45 the late Alan Cawthrow 3075 11th June, 2017 Sibe Acc., Dusky Thrush, Russula nigricans, Collybia dryophila, Vitria crystallina, Macrosiphum euphorbiae. 58
46 David Winnard 3048 21st March, 2019 32
47 James Emerson 3033 28th July, 2017
48 Stephen Howarth 3027 3rd December, 2018 Just passed 3000, with Geotrupes spinifer, a dor beetle. Happy to get the milestone with an attractive species, especially as 2999 was the even more impressive Sabre Wasp. 48
49 Brad Scott 3020 10th March, 2019 10 March: Supraphorura furcifera, Cyathus striatus [Henfield]; 16 February: Tomocerus vulgaris [Haywards Heath]; 15 February: Odontothrips ulicis [Ashdown Forest]; 13 January: Fissidens exilis [Maresfield]; 12 January: Dicyrtomina ornata, Anurida granaria [Forest Row]; 1 January: Geopora cf. foliacea, Brachystomella parvula [Malling Down]; 27 December: Puccinia smyrnii (Alexanders Rust), Spisula solida (Thick Trough Shell) [Whitsands]; 13 November: Poecilocampa populi (December Moth) [Forest Row]
50 Christian Owen 3013 26th November, 2018 Deroceras panormitanum...new found population in Cardiff / Neobisium cf. simile and Cylindroiulus sagittarius - Millipede new for Britain / Rickia laboulbenioides, a fungus on Cylindroiulus pyrenaicus (new host, first record for Wales, second for Britain) / Three Millipedes, all are new for Britain (Ommatoiulus moreletii and Cylindroiulus pyrenaicus...the third has turned out to be another new to science a Turdulisoma cf turdulorum) / Barred Tooth-striped, Convolvulus Hawk-moth, The Vestal and a few other goodies from a few trapping sessions / Boreoiulus tenuis (Millipede) my garden / Parakontikia coxii (Flatworm) from Blackwood, new for Wales? / Ocys tachysoides (Beetle) and Australopacifica atrata (flatworm) / Choneiulus palmatus - Millipede from the Beddau Beast site / Melanomma pulvis-pyrius (Fungi) / Four Millipedes added in December...finally found Polydesmus coriaceus and Macrosternodesmus palicola, also another two new species for Britain, one being new to science / Metatrichoniscoides celticus and another Woodlouse waiting to be identified (spotted by Mark Telfer) / Lasius umbratus, Hollow Bolete, Parasitic Bolete (@ Bridgend Parc Slip) / Anelasmocephalus cambridgei and Meta menardi @ Castel Coch.
51 Tim Strudwick 2966 12th November, 2014
52 Ryan Clark 2965 31st January, 2019 25
53 Andy Kirby 2922 30th August, 2018 Hairy Shieldbug, Field Damselbug, Porcelain Fungus, Pink Purslane, Dark-winged Blood Bee, Hoverfly - Platycheius rosarum, Median Wasp, Caddisfly -Adicella reducta, Hoverfly - Xanthandrus comtus, Marsh St. John's-wort and Sheep's-bit.
54 Sean Foote 2895 12th November, 2017
55 Richard Shotbolt 2858 8th January, 2018 Bittern, Redpoll and Siskin at RSPB Needingworth
56 Mark Lawlor 2710 23rd March, 2019 2701 Isotoma anglicana Springtail 2702 Lepidocyrtus cyaneus Springtail 2703 Ramalina farinacea Lichens 2704 Parmotrema perlatum Lichens 2705 Cladonia fimbriata Lichens 2706 Entomobrya albocincta Springtail 2707 Balea heydeni/sarsii Mollusc 2708 Pogonognathellus longicornis Springtail 2709 Caloplaca crenularia Lichens 2710 Ontholestes murinus Coleoptera
57 Debs Rylands 2666 29th October, 2018 Locusta migratoria on St Mary's. Which was nice. Oh and Grey catbird, obvs. Lovely.
58 Adrian Knowles 2656 11th October, 2018 Lesser Cockroach (Ectemnius panzeri) and Metopoplax ditomoides from Wivenhoe, Colchester 20/8/2018 55
59 Martin Bell 2654 2nd March, 2019 Byssomerulius corium (Netted Crust); Gloniopsis praelonga (Fungus spp); Ulota phyllantha (Frizzled Cushion); Hypoderma hererae (Fungi spp); Schizopora paradoxa (Split Porecrust); Pleospora herbarum (Fungi spp); Alternaria brassicicola (Fungi spp); Ligustrum ovalifolium (Garden Privet); Thedgonis ligustrins (Fungi spp); Mycospaerella ligustri (Fungi spp); Psilolechia lucida (Lichen spp); Philonotis fontana (Fountain Apple-moss); Scorpidium cossonii (Intermediate Hook-moss); Scapania undulata (Water Earwort); Conistra vaccinii (Chestnut); Ceratodon purpureus (Redshank); Lophocolea heterophylla (Variable-leaved Crestwort); Pyrenochaeta ilicis (fungi spp); Lepraria incana (Lichen spp); Lepraria lobificans (Lichen spp) 57
60 Paul Clack 2649 29th December, 2018 End of 2018 update. Quiet year, added 152 sp. Work and family illness intervened. Some highlights though - southern emerald and southern migrant hawkers, wild boar at last, 40+ plant ticks on Scilly, 6 new fish including bluefin tuna and nailing short-winged conehead and wasp spider within a minute of each other. Other nice things included white rock rose, sunset cup coral, lapidary snail and ant woodlouse. 42
61 Robert Yaxley 2609 30th September, 2017 48
62 Dan Hoare 2604 8th April, 2017 Spring Cinquefoil; Bristol Rock-cress; Coleophora ochrea
63 Graham French 2556 17th February, 2019 Formica exsecta (Narrow-headed wood ant), Colletes hederae (Ivy bee), Leptoglossus occidentalis (Western Conifer Seed Bug)
64 Paul Martin Hill 2534 23rd May, 2015 Micropterix calthella, Atherix ibis, Rhagio notatus and several new hoverflies
65 Aisling Dyson-Muffet 2460 18th September, 2018 Asterina gibbosa
66 Chris Shortall 2431 4th September, 2017 2431:Nephantes titan; 2430:Erysiphe polygoni; 2429:Suillia variegata; 2428:Palloptera quinquemaculata; 2427:Hypsosinga pygmaea; 2426:Himacerus (Aptus) mirmicoides; 2425:Vulpia bromioides; 2424:Hordeum murinum; 2423:Lonchoptera nigrociliata; 2422:Cantharis lateralis; 2421:Anapausis talpae; 2420:Physiphora alceae
67 Christopher Glanfield 2375 6th August, 2018 50
68 Sam Buckton 2337 24th March, 2019 Hay Wood, nr. Boxmoor, Herts, 24th March: the striking rust fungus Puccinia buxi on Box. HM Wildlife Trust survey at Gobions Wood, nr. Potters Bar, Herts, 21st March: Moschatel (and associated rust fungus Puccinia albescens), Field-rose, Early Dog-violet, Water Figwort, Gooseberry, Pignut, Western Red-cedar, Fairy Beads Microlejeunea ulicina, the downy mildew Peronospora ficariae on Lesser Celandine, and the slime mould Enteridium lycoperdon. RSPB Minsmere, 16th March: Black Snail Beetle Silpha atrata. A lichen survey at Aldenham church, Herts, 19th March, turned up Acrocordia salweyi, Aspicilia calcarea, Caloplaca limonia, Melanohalia elegantula, and the springtail Orchesella cincta. 9th March: at long last, Firecrest! In Chipperfield Common woods. 23
69 Roger Wilkinson 2323 23rd January, 2019 Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler, Collared Earthstar
70 Harry Witts 2274 24th March, 2019 Mottled Grey 24/3/19 18
71 Danny Cooper 2257 18th January, 2019 getting the moth trap out in the garden helped me add a few including Larch Pug Eupithecia lariciata Grass Rivulet Perizoma albulata and Bloxworth Snout Hypena obsitalis. The PSL weekend was brilliant, as well as meeting a few fellow listers I added 19 species including Omphlus pubescens. The fishing was good too! Seeing Sally was good as she always shows me things that have been in front of me all along like Nettle Gall Dasineura urticae, then meeting Richard Comont who helped me sort out me humbles and added Southern Cuckoo Bee Bombus vistalis. Few things seen with Mark Whittiker locally and looking forward to a few things in the coming weeks!
72 Tristan Bantock 2254 26th March, 2018 Atomaria atra Meligethes gagathinus Quedius brevicornis Perigona nigriceps Heterothops minutus Leptacinus minutus Monotoma longicollis Myrmechixenus vaporariorum Astenus pulchellus Quedius scintillans
73 Clive Washington 2221 27th July, 2014 The sawflies Arge ochropus and Cladius pectinicornis
74 Will George 2182 6th November, 2017 05/11 43 new species from a fungal foray, Nitrous bonnet and Fragrant Funnel both memorable 32
75 Julian Branscombe 2152 29th October, 2015 Chestnut bunting, 19th October 2015.
76 Billy Dykes 2129 28th August, 2016 Agromyza anthracina, Phyllonorycter esperella, Phyllonorycter acerifoliella, Phyllonorycter viminiella, Phyllonorycter spinicolella, Royal Fern, Sea Mouse-ear, Actenicerus sjaelandicus, Hedya atropunctana 22
77 Henry Cook 2086 21st July, 2014 Dune Helleborine - Anglesey.
78 James Harding-Morris 2076 25th March, 2019 Purple Emperor, Hornet Clearwing, Yellow-legged Clearwing, Bombardier Beetle. Turkish Snail - my 100th mollusc! Red-tipped Clearwing - 23rd July. Corncrake - 2nd August. 16-spot Ladybird & Tree Damselbug- 3rd August. Edible Dormouse - 6th September. European Yellow-tailed Scorpion - 7th September. Willow Emerald, Grey Bush Cricket, Top Shell & Pointed Snail - 8th September. Wartbiter & Bacillus whitei (Slough's Wonder-stick) - 9th September. Bitterling & Gudgeon - 10th September. Masked Shrike - 27th September. Chub, Tawny Cockroach, Forget-me-not Shieldbug - 28th September. Lesser Grey Shrike - 10th October. Retrospectively added a brown hydra from a photo taken in 2011 - Hydra oligactis (Thanks to Brian Eversham for the ID!). Retrospectively added Red-veined Darter from a photo taken in 2009 because apparently I was an idiot in the past. So far in 2016 - Perez's Water Frog at Ham Wall, Aesculapian Snake (at long, long last), Glanville Fritillary, Red Helleborine, Fen Orchid, Wild Boar (at last!), actually saw Lady Amherst's Pheasant (at long, long, long last).
79 Robert Price 2072 5th January, 2016 Ledra aurita, Bembidion tetracolum, Pantilius tunicatus, Philorhizus melanocephalus, Plocamium cartilaginium, Migrant Hawker.
80 Ian Boyd 2015 18th September, 2014 Capsodes sulcatus - fantastic bug
81 George Watola 2011 20th March, 2019 Mossing in a blanket bog in Scotland
82 Harold Davies 2008 3rd May, 2018 Megatoma undata 22/03/2018 Burton Mere Wetlands RSPB
83 Terry Box 1975 24th March, 2019 My highlights for 2018 were all moths and accepted by CMR: Eriocrania salopiella, Ectoedemia argyropeza and Dioryctria sylvestrella all new to VC62, Ectoedemia sericopeza new to VC64, Nemapogon clematella first since 1868 in VC62, Epinotia signatana only the 2nd for VC62. 61
84 Simon Horsnall 1972 2nd September, 2018 Fungus week at Kindrogan added multiple new fungi and a smattering of inverts + Ptarmigan, Mountain Hare and Pine Marten.
85 Keith Lugg 1970 4th August, 2017 Calodromius spilotus, Bembidion biguttatatum, Bembidion mannerheimii, 07/01/15 Dinton Pastures, from playing with deadwood by torchlight instead of looking for Winter moths like I was supposed to be doing. Ocys harpaloides, Temnothorax nylanderi, 11/01/15, Dinton Pastures, knocked out of dead wood.
86 John Walker 1964 24th July, 2016 Sanguisorba (Salad Burnet), Paraswammerdamia albicapitella, Teleiodes vulgella, Schoenobius gigantella, Least Yellow Underwing, Dipogon variegatus, all at home (West Notts) 69
87 Stuart Read 1898 24th June, 2016 Dune Tiger Beetle 51
88 Martin Fowlie 1880 6th January, 2019 Lots of really, really easy stuff!
89 Peter Whitcomb 1880 21st August, 2018 Grey patched mining Bee, Latticed Heath, Common Emerald, Black Darter, Small Red Damselfly - last three all at Black Pond, Wigginholt Common (Pulborough). Bronze Shieldbug. 74
90 Jacob Everitt 1790 20th July, 2018 Atlantic Bluefin Tuna - St Marys, Scilly, Elegant Tern - Church Norton
91 Robert Davey 1773 10th July, 2016 Phyllonorycter mespilella, Phyllonorycter rajella, Grass eggar, Sandhill rustic (ssp leechi), Hoary footman, Acleris rhombana, Agonopterix alstromeriana, P. Albicapitella, Hedge rustic, Heath rustic, Exapion ulicis, Luffia lapidella, Vapourer, caloptilia elongella, montagu's blenny, Hudsonian whimbrel, Ocnerostoma friesei (confirmed by gen det), Marsh pug (confirmed by gen det), Sand goby, worm pipefish, Hydroschendyla submarina 39
92 Marilyn Abdulla 1772 18th March, 2019 18 species of lichen added during a walk with the NNNS at Houghton, Norfolk yesterday. Now keen to start on the lichens on my garden wall (old flint and brick construction). 65
93 Sue R Lambert 1729 7th February, 2018 Thayer's Gull and Caspian Gull 72
94 Seb Buckton 1728 18th March, 2019 Jan-Feb 2019 - Falcated Duck (from 1987); lichens Verrucaria nigrescens, Punctelia borreri, Hypotrachyna afrorevoluta, Ramalina fastigata, Ramalina farinacea; liverworts Forked Veilwort and Great Scented Liverwort, the moss Grey-cushioned Grimmia. Fungi: Exidia plana, Hypoxylon multiforme, Hypoxylon fragiforme, Piptoporus betulinus, Claviluna rugosa, Stereum hirsutum, Phlebia rufa, Bjerkandera adusta 53
95 David Vaudoré 1708 29th May, 2017 38
96 Pete Mella 1706 23rd March, 2019 MARCH 2019 - Italian Arum, Mottled Grey 39
97 Robert S J Smith 1674 22nd September, 2018 Small Mottled Willow (Spodoptera exigua), Rusty-dot Pearl (Udea ferrugalis), Mere Wainscot (Photedes fluxa) and Dotted Fan-foot (Macrochilo cribrumalis)
98 Nigel Jones 1670 25th March, 2019 Goodies for 2019: Bearded Tooth (Hericium erinaceus), Barbastelle (Barbastella barbestellus). 64
99 Chris Foster 1645 4th November, 2017 Cheilosia ranunculi 33
100 Edward Betteridge 1621 8th November, 2018 Rose-coloured starling 18