Rank Full name Species total Last updated on Latest addition Age
1 Jonty Denton 12498 6th February, 2018 14/9 Cydalima perspectalis , Phyllonorycter pastorella, St.James park. 7/9 Milax gagates, Dartford. 30/8 Clifden Nonpareil, Farnham Sy. 27/8 Denticucullus pygmina, Winchfield. 17/8 Toadflax brocade, Dartford. 10/8 Agnocoris reclairei, Westerham. 8/8 Veronica longifolia, Farringdon, Hants. 1/8 Meligethes incanus, Synophropsis lauri, Vasates quadripedes, Kensington Gdns. 28/7 Apodia bifractella, Oxford. 27/7 Limobius borealis, Wilts.24/7 Wolffia!!!, Westham, Sx, Eilema terminella Eastbourne. 20/7 Zonuledo amoena, Sutton Scotney.19/7 Camarota curvipennis, Aphis salicariae, Challock, Kent, Crossocerus exiguus, Ashford, Kent. 17/7 Isodontia mexicana St.James park,13/7 Orientus ishidae, Dicyphus tamaninii, Curculio betulae, Hyde Park. 10/7 Rhyzobius forestieri, Homotoma ficus, Greenwich. 8/7 Acleris comariana, Winchfield. 7/7/ Ogcodes pallipes, Pirbright. 30/6 Rhopalapion longirostre St.James Park. 29/6 Oxycarenus modestus (Lygaeid bug new for UK), Philodromus buxi, Psallus pardalis, Hyde Park. 28/6 Ernobius gallicus (second UK, new for Kent), Tachystola acroxantha, Cleonymus laticornis, Greenwich. 26.6. Cerceris quinquefasciata, Ashford. 24.6 Acrobasis repandana, Elachista atricomella, Stauropoctonus bombycivorus, 20.6 Xylesandrus germanus, Thamiaraea cinnamomea, Syntomium aeneum, Winchfield. 19.6. Gtr Horseshoe, Leigh upon Mendip. Xylomya maculata reared from pupae found last week nr Winchfield new for vc12? 16.7 Maculinea arion Collard Hill...finally!!14.6. Sterna elegans, Church Norton. 13/6 Teleodes diffinis, Ashford. 7/6 Trachelipus rathkei, Luton. 2/6/ Choristoneura hebenstreitella 1/6 Grey pug, Epinotia demarniana det Tony Davis.1/5 Cephus nigrinus, Anacampus populella. 51
2 David Gibbs 11327 9th October, 2017 Rhagium inquisitor 28/10/15 reared from larvae found in Black Wood of Rannoch 31/3/14; Chestnut Bunting Emberiza rutila Papa Westray, 25/10/15
3 Mark Telfer 8239 7th February, 2018 Phytomyza minuscula (leaf-mining fly), Stigmella microtheriella (leaf-mining moth), Eaton Bray garden, 24.ix.2017. Meligethes exilis (pollen beetle), Stackpole, 22.viii.2017. Metallus lanceolatus (a leaf-mining sawfly, on Wood Avens), Llanddulas, 6.x.2017.
4 Nicola Bacciu 7067 4th January, 2018 Stilbella byssiseda on myxomycete Haldon Forest, Fairy Shrimp Chirocephalus diaphanus New Forest, Flounced Chestnut North Devon mothing, Rugged Oil Beetle Glos 50
5 Brian Eversham 7030 24th December, 2017 2017 has been good fun so far, with a really useful FSC weekend on soil mesofauna (not yet showing strongly in the species totals, but I've started seeing more pseudoscorpions, and lots of springtails and mites to look forward to in the autumn. A Scottish holiday finally provided Scheuchzeria palustris and some attractive fungi and beetles. Latest highlight was Dendrochernes cyrneus, a stunning pseudoscorpion apparently new to Woodwalton Fen. 2016 was quite productive in the end, including misc common microfungi, flies and Auchenorhyncha that I should have seen years ago. A few new evening-primroses with the new handbook; Echium plantagineum near Huntingdon; lots of new things on a trip to Orkney, including Mertensia maritime, Ligusticum scoticum, Atriplex laciniata, Polygonum boreale, Lamium confertum, Rorippa islandica, Primula scotica, Euprhasia foulaensis, Carex capillaris, Anaptychia runcinata, the real Peltigera polydactylon with Corticifraga fuckelii, Peziza ammophila, Hydroporus discretus, and the long-awaited Athurdendyus triangularis, Nearer home, a good year for microfungi and aphids, highlights including Myzocallis myricae, Stomaphis quercus, Aphis oenetherae, Chromaphis juglandicola. Also, the centipede Henia vesuviana (in a friend's garden in Cambs), a range of micromoths (all direct searched), Synanthedon flaviventris (gall), Hecatera dysodea (larvae a few weeks after adult), some new mosquitos (Aedes rusticus has some of the finest genitalia I've seen in ages), Chrysotoxum arcuatum, the rather stylish larva of Platycampus luridiventris (sawfly), Roncus lubricus (pseudoscorp), a few common Stenus spp. (lots more to go), Obrium brunneum in Bedfordshire, and Harpalus dimidiatus in Kent. All have (or will soon have) photos on my Flickr pages: https://www.flickr.com/photos/cladoniophile/
6 the late Eric Philp 6878 21st April, 2014 Eric's pan-species list is dated 3rd July 2012.
7 Graeme Lyons 6852 18th February, 2018 Ernobius nigrinus, Graffham Common, 23rd May 2017. 39
8 Simon Davey 6722 17th November, 2016 Rufous Turtle Dove, Radford's Flame Shoulder, Abia sericea, Andrena vaga
9 Matt Prince 6662 4th January, 2018 Machimus cingulatus shrops, Rhingia rostrata North Devon, both Dicranopalpus (D.caudatus Fingle Wood Devon, and D.ramosus s.s. Swindon, males gen. det.) Thyreosthinius biovatus Yarner from Formica rufa nest, Formica exsecta Chudleigh. 48
10 Richard Comont 6464 2nd January, 2018 Some fungal foraging and dets from summer specimens 33
11 Steve Lane 6314 1st January, 2018 Happy New Year! Rounding off 2017, with a further 10 species, namely the spiders Araeoncus humilis, Centromerita concinna, Lepthyphantes insiginis and Centromerus sylvaticus, all pitfall-trapped at Grimston, Norfolk, a rare lichen Rocella phycopsis on the walls of the church at South Wootton, King's Lynn on 11th December and five aleocharine rove beetle species; Alaobia sodalis (from Brandon Marsh, Warwickshire, April 2012), Microdota indubia (same locality, March 2012), Acrotona aterrima (Arley Wood, Warwickshire, March 2012), Acrotona muscorum (Dersingham Bog, Norfolk, March 2017) and Oligota pumilio from a woodchip heap at Ringstead Quarry, Norfolk (September 2017).
12 Malcolm Storey 6230 22nd August, 2016 Glyphotaelius pellucidus
13 Tony Davis 6162 18th September, 2017
14 John Coldwell 5679 17th December, 2017 Chrysolina marginata. 2014 additions now included, 92 diptera, mainly calypterates, all from Barnsley area. Quite a few chironomids new for 2015. Also Ring-necked Parakeet and a new mammal - Chinese Water Deer (not from Barnsley!) 2016 saw 52 new diptera recorded locally, mainly chironomids, 6 new to Yorkshire. Pipunculus oldenbergi was a large pipunculid found at 2 localites also new for Yorks. A mysterious agromyzid that so far has evaded determination awaits specialist attention. Dusky Thrush.
15 Paul Bowyer 5674 28th January, 2018 Latest: Sminthurinus niger and Longitarsus dorsalis from Brean Down. Grimmia tergestina, Bryum ruderale, Bryum rubens, Dialytrichia mucronata, Syntrichia latifolia, Hennediella heimii. Also New Zealand Wheat Bug Nysius huttoni in pub car park in Somerset
16 Andrew Cunningham 5538 14th February, 2018 Fannia monilis Fannia hirundinis Sarcophaga dissimilis
17 Tim Hodge 5310 19th February, 2018 26 new species Jan 2018 inc Diplocephalus cristatus, Diplocephalus latifrons, Oedothorax retusus, Porrhomma microphthalmum, Tenuiphantes cristatus, Rhytidiadelphus squarrosus, Glomerella cingulata, Philorhizus notatus, Tasgius winkleri, Apteromyia claviventris, Crossopalpus humilis, Drosophila andalusiaca, Drosophila subobscura, Limnellia quadrata, Palloptera scutellata, Psilopa nitidula, Rachispoda fuscipennis, Scaptomyza flava, Trichocera major, Anoscopus albifrons and Saldula pilosella 62
18 William Bishop 5272 3rd February, 2018
19 Kev Rylands 5100 9th December, 2017 100 species since last update, some by my own fair hand, others via Messers Gibson & Telfer on Scilly and yet more courtesy of the Bacciu/Prince combo. Birds: Rose-breasted Grosbeak & Cedar Waxwing both St Agnes. Moths: Scar Bank Gem in a Longstone fridge & Stigmella floslactella in a hazel leaf. Plants: Scillonian slum botany inc Kangaroo-fern. Arachnids: inc the harvestman Leiobunum blackwalli, the pseudoscorpion Neobisium carcinoides and the very smart Cyclosa conica. Fish: Rock & Twin-spot Goby. Fungi: inc Ballerina Waxcap, Banana Anthricnose, Jelly Tongue, Fragrant Funnel, Beech Woodwart, the colourful Phyllactinia guttata & the stunning Stibella byssiseda. Others: Red-barbed Ant and Smooth Stick Insect at last, Laboratory Stick Insect, the gall-wasp (well grub) Phanacis hypochoeridis, the bug Pinalitus cervinus, Water lily aphid, a couple of barnacles, Green Sea-urchin,Gem Anemone, three flatworms & my first Nemertine. 44
20 John Martin 5010 18th February, 2018 Got to 5000 18-2-18 courtesy of excellent day out on Mendip with Wessex Bryology, the masses of Grimmia donniana being the round numbered one, according to my notes. 119 additions in 2017. 32 vascular plants including a guided tour of Seth's Mitella ovalis and on the same trip Arabis alpina, Willow Emerald Damselfly, Humpack Whale and Risso's Dolphn, 21 bryophytes and my first Pseudoscorpion which was brilliant (thanks Andy Mus). Must do more in 2017 on bryophytes, hovers and bugs, at least! My VP list finally properly updated (as much as is possible) and my moth list actually went down as I'd got some mines listed where I didn't see the occupant (now gone). Did get a few new moths during the year of which Transparent Burnet was my favourite. 58
21 Seth Gibson 4897 19th February, 2018 Bird total adjusted so that it now follows BOU's current stance. For my latest sightings visit http://uigboy.blogspot.co.uk 46
22 Julian Small 4825 8th February, 2018 Bugs: Cyllecoris histrionius, Rhabdomiris striatellus, Issus coleoptratus and Psallus perrisi. Beetles: Rugilus rufipes, Protapion trifolii, Nitidula rufipes, Mecinus pascuorum, Bruchidius varius, Tachyporus hypnorum and Rhagonycha lignosa. Flies: Empis nigritarsis, Chaetorellia jacae, Chaetostomella cylindrica, Urophora quadrifasciata, Tephritis vespertina, Chlorops serenus, Dicraeus vagans and Sciapus contristans. Hymenoptera: Collyria trichophthalma, Listrodromus nycthemerus, Typhia minuta, Nematus lucidus, Pristiphora laricis and Dusona spinipes.
23 Stephen Plummer 4716 21st February, 2018 February: 18th - the woodlouse, Cylisticus convexus; Geastrum coronatum (Crowned Earthstar); On a trip to Whipsnade Zoo I was impressed by a colourful pine bracket species uncommon in the south, Gloeophyllum sepiarum, and the lichenicolous fungus, Unguiculariopsis thallophyla. In the company of a couple of passionate lichenologists I added a shedload of new lichens including 2 new County records: Leptorhaphis atomaria & Melanohalea laciniatula. 20th - the spider, Platnickina tincta from Ventnor Botanical Garden. 21st - At least 2 new lichenicolous fungi: Laetisaria lichenicola & Opegrapha physciaria
24 Andy Musgrove 4613 11th February, 2018 January 2018: Additions of 6 beetles, 4 fungi, 2 springtails, 1 spider. 46
25 George Tordoff 4371 27th October, 2017 Well it's been a while...not the most productive PSL summer because the microscopes have been mothballed during home 'improvements'. But a few nice additions anyway: Glanville Fritillary (larvae on Isle Of Wight), Wall Lizard (Ventnor), Grey Phalarope, Club-tailed Dragonfly, Netted Carpet (larvae), Pimpinel Pug (larvae), Dark Tussock (larvae...a theme is developing here). Moth work at Whixall Moss resulted in some rare micro moths including Sterrhopterix fusca (larval cases) and Ancylis tineana (adults reared from spinnings on birch). 40
26 Neil Fletcher 4322 5th January, 2018 A relatively quiet year. Several new bees: Andrena semilaevis, Andrena fulvago, Andrena fucata, Andrena labiata, Colletes daviesanus, Osmia spinulosa, Andrena minutula, Hylaeus communis, Lasioglossum fulvicorne, Lasioglossum smeathmanellum. Some new hoverflies: Xylota segnis Platycheirus rosarum, Rhingia rostrata, Cheilosia illustrata, Chalcosyrphus nemorum. a couple of new macromoths Netted Pg, and Dark Dagger (finally found one!), lots of new micros: (many thanks to dissections by Peter Hall)
27 Martin Harvey 4311 10th February, 2015 Finshed checking through the specimens I brought back from last year's Lake District holiday, which included new flies (Chamaemyia sylvatica, Campsicnemus alpinus, Cerodontha denticornis, Oscinella nitidissima, Stiphrosoma laetum) and caddisflies (Odontocerum albicorne, Limnephilus hirsutus). Chamaemyidae was a new family tick! Also added an unwelcome new species from home, the common carpet beetle Anthrenus verbasci - have seen it before loads of times no doubt, but this was the first one I've properly checked and identified. Up to 4,324.
28 Calum Urquhart 4259 21st February, 2018 21/02- Rhodophyllis divaricata, Pterocladiella capillacea, Polysiphonia stricta (Marine algae). 20/02- Porphyra purpurea, Fucus guiryi, Jania rubens (Marine algae), Scytosiphon lomentaria (Moved from protists to algae), Xanthoria aureola (Lichen), Sabellaria alveolata, Lanice conchilega (Annelid Worms), Urticina feline (Cnidarian missed off list), Sagartia elegans, Sagartia troglodytes (Cnidarians), Aepophilus bonnairei (Aepophiliid bug), Electra pilosa (Bryozoan), Rissoa parva, Cingula trifasciata (Marine molluscs), Didemnum maculosum (Tunicate), Janira maculosa, Jaera albifrons (Marine isopod crustaceans), Caprella acanthifera (Marine amphipod crustacean). 20
29 Nicholas Montegriffo 4167 19th August, 2017 Elegant Tern, Dusky Thrush, Blue Rock Thrush, Buellia ocellata, Caloplaca citrina, Candelariella vitellina, Cladonia foliacea, Cladonia rangiformis, Lecanora chlarotera, Peltigera hymenea, Physcia adscendens, Physcia leptalea, Rhizocarpon reductum, Xanthoria calcicola, Brachythecium rutabulum, Calliergonella cuspidata, Campylopus introflexus, Ceratodon purpureus, Dicranum scoparium, Hypnum lacunosum, Hypnum resupinatum, Polytrichum juniperinum, Syntrichia ruralis, Weissia controversa, Ulva intestinalis, Volucella zonaria, Eupeodes luniger, Galerucella nymphaeae 59
30 Sally Luker 4056 30th September, 2017 The mythical Pygmy-rush and Land Quillwort plus lots of other Lizard niceties.
31 Alastair Stevenson 3965 17th August, 2017 Meloe violaceous beetle 59
32 Mark Jackson 3706 26th July, 2017 After a visit to Meall Glas, Perthshire - Shepherds Cress, Melancholy thistle, Carex pauciflora, Lesser twayblade, Northern billberry, Cranberry, Northern Bedstraw, Alpine meadow rue, Alpine Bistort, Hair sedge, Beech Fern, New Zealand Willowherb, Purple saxifrage, Grey Mountain Carpet (Entephria caesiata). 51
33 Bill Urwin 3705 27th June, 2017 Despite looking after aged parents taking up most of the second half of last year, I did manage to see some nice things. White's Thrush, Siberian Accentor and Dusky Thrush stand out as birds I have wanted to see for ages. Hopefully 2017 will see me break 4K :-) 64
34 Steven Gale 3466 4th January, 2018 04/01/18 Pyracantha coccinea, Howell Hill, Surrey 59
35 Mark Skevington 3283 10th January, 2017 Dusky Thrush, Beeley 07/01/2017 48
36 Jeff Blincow 3164 22nd April, 2015 Agonum sexpunctatum at Hankley Common 15/04/15
37 Keith Robson 3155 17th December, 2017 A bird, Dusky Thrush, the best this year so far
38 Sean Browne 3116 19th January, 2018 Leatherback Turtle, Blue Shark, Porbeagle Shark, Atlantic Bluefin Tuna, Greater Weaver, Scad, Red Gurnard, Grey Gurnard, Ling, Cuckoo Wrasse, Coalfish, Pouting, Greater Pipefish, Anchovy, Bull Rout, Compass, Comb, Moon and Crystal Jellyfish, Smooth, Prickly, Laboratory and Mediterranean Stick Insects, Buoy Barnacle. 61
39 the late Alan Cawthrow 3075 11th June, 2017 Sibe Acc., Dusky Thrush, Russula nigricans, Collybia dryophila, Vitria crystallina, Macrosiphum euphorbiae. 58
40 David Shute 3071 7th March, 2017 Cobalt Crust (Terana caerulea) Feb '17 56
41 Sam Thomas 3046 9th February, 2018 Updated vascular plant list 29
42 James Emerson 3033 28th July, 2017
43 Pete Forrest 3015 2nd November, 2017 Five highlights for October 2017 which were also new for my pan species list. Waxcaps; Citirne, Pink, Cedarwood, Parrot and Splendid. 1
44 Christian Owen 3009 19th December, 2017 Neobisium cf. carpenteri and Cylindroiulus sagittarius - Another recently found millipede new for Britain / Rickia laboulbenioides, a fungus on Cylindroiulus pyrenaicus (new host, first record for Wales, second for Britain) / Three Millipedes, all are new for Britain (Ommatoiulus moreletii and Cylindroiulus pyrenaicus...the third has turned out to be another new to science a Turdulisoma sp) / Barred Tooth-striped, Convolvulus Hawk-moth, The Vestal and a few other goodies from a few trapping sessions / Boreoiulus tenuis (Millipede) my garden / Parakontikia coxii (Flatworm) from Blackwood, new for Wales? / Ocys tachysoides (Beetle) and Australopacifica atrata (flatworm) / Choneiulus palmatus - Millipede from the Beddau Beast site / Melanomma pulvis-pyrius (Fungi) / Four Millipedes added in December...finally found Polydesmus coriaceus and Macrosternodesmus palicola, also another two new species for Britain, one being new to science / Metatrichoniscoides celticus and another Woodlouse waiting to be identified (spotted by Mark Telfer) / Lasius umbratus, Hollow Bolete, Parasitic Bolete (@ Bridgend Parc Slip) / Anelasmocephalus cambridgei and Meta menardi @ Castel Coch.
45 Tim Strudwick 2966 12th November, 2014
46 Sean Foote 2895 12th November, 2017
47 Ali(stair) Shuttleworth 2864 21st February, 2018 03/01/2018 - HUMPBACK WHALE! 14th Jan Linnavuoriana decempunctata (50th hemipteran)
48 Richard Shotbolt 2858 8th January, 2018 Bittern, Redpoll and Siskin at RSPB Needingworth
49 Stephen Howarth 2846 9th February, 2018 Been a bit slow going since the summer, mainly due to preparing for moving house limiting time, along with less-than-ideal weather. Looking forward to exploring the new area in 2018 and pushing on towards 3,000. 48
50 Neil Harvey 2817 21st October, 2017 Aphelia viburnana, Cacoecimorpha pronubana, Opilio canestrinii, Odiellus spinosus, Haplophilus subterraneus, 47
51 James McCulloch 2787 18th February, 2018 19th January - Stenocranus major (a planthopper) and Batenus livens (a carabid), Hedgecourt. 20th January - Trioza remota (a Psyllid) from Hedgecourt. Dicyrtomina saundersi (a springtail) in the garden. Laboulbenia fasciculata, a parasitic fungus species which grows on live Patrobus atrorufus beetles. 28th January - Exidia thuretiana, Graphis scripta, Spring Usher, Limnellia quadrata. The Mens. 3rd February - Phycopeltis arundinacea, an alga growing on a Holly leaf at The Mens. Third for West Sussex. Isotomurus plumosus, Hedgecourt. 11th February - Bluethroat, West Rise Marsh. 12th February - Zilla diodia, Hedgecourt NR. 13th February - Campsicnemus scambus, Hedgecourt NR. Also some nice bryophytes from The Mens. Desoria tigrina. 16th February - Pollenia pediculata in the garden. 18th February - Cylindroiulus punctatus must have been overlooked for some time. 14
52 Brad Scott 2767 9th February, 2018 8 February: 'Redback' (Collembola genus nov.1 sp. nov.2) [Forest Row]; 4 February: Scorpiurium circinatum [Lewes]; 2 November 2017: Isotomurus unifasciatus [Copthorne Common]; 21 July 2017: Neelides minutus [Ashdown Forest]; 17 November 2017: Vertagopus arboreus [Battle Abbey]; 28 January: Agriopis leucophaearia (Spring Usher), Dicyrtomina saundersi, Entomobrya multifasciata [The Mens]
53 Andy Kirby 2732 30th December, 2017 Minute Pouncewort, Yellow Thread-moss, Dimerella pineti, Clavulina coralloides (with Helminthospharia clavarioirum turning it lilac-grey), Lactarius subdulcis, Lactarius fluens, Lichenoconium xanthoriae (on X. polycarpa), Mycena inclinata & Mycena stylobates
54 Robert Yaxley 2609 30th September, 2017 48
55 Dan Hoare 2604 8th April, 2017 Spring Cinquefoil; Bristol Rock-cress; Coleophora ochrea
56 Adrian Knowles 2570 23rd September, 2017 Toadflax Brocade caterpillar in my garden 17/9/2017; Acalypta parvula, Kalama tricornis, Asiraca clavicornis 54
57 Graham French 2552 12th August, 2017 Helianthemum apenninum (White Rock-rose), Erigeron karvinskianus (Mexican Fleabane), Helix pomatia (Roman Snail)
58 Ryan Clark 2547 16th February, 2018 24
59 Paul Martin Hill 2534 23rd May, 2015 Micropterix calthella, Atherix ibis, Rhagio notatus and several new hoverflies
60 Mark Lawlor 2500 15th December, 2017 2494 Puccinia oxalidis Oxalis Rust Fungus Fungi 2495 Physalia physalis Portuguese Man o' War Hydrozoan 2496 Quedius levicollis Coleoptera 2497 Phaleria cadaverina Coleoptera 2498 Anthonomus rubi Coleoptera 2499 Harpocera thoracica Heteroptera 2500 Velella velella By-the-wind-sailor Hydrozoan
61 Paul Clack 2497 30th December, 2017 End of 2017 update. Added 217 species this year. Humpback whale, rock thrush and two-barred warbler (& an IOC bean goose) plus rockpool fish including two-spot goby & Montagu's blenny. Some nice plants including my 1000th sp. (Fine-leaved fumitory), others this year included lady's slipper and narrow-leaved marsh orchids, purple saxifrage, mountain pansy, Lancaster whitebeam, slender centaury, limestone woundwort, pillwort, Cwm Idwal nice things like green spleenwort, mountain male fern, 3 sp of clubmosses, water lobelia and quillwort, dense and few flowered fumitories, Venus looking glass, night-flowering catchfly and rough poppy.New Forest orthopteran including woodland, heath and large marsh grasshoppers, lesser emperor dragonfly, cliff tiger beetle and my first vertigo snail (pygmaea). January 2016 update. Added 227 species in 2016, mostly plants and fungi. Highlights were mountain ringlet, bog bush cricket and a bunch of nice plants including lesser twayblade, dune helleborine, yellow bird's-nest, pasqueflower, small fleabane, pennyroyal, adder's-tongue spearwort, childing pink and starry clover. 41
62 Chris Shortall 2431 4th September, 2017 2431:Nephantes titan; 2430:Erysiphe polygoni; 2429:Suillia variegata; 2428:Palloptera quinquemaculata; 2427:Hypsosinga pygmaea; 2426:Himacerus (Aptus) mirmicoides; 2425:Vulpia bromioides; 2424:Hordeum murinum; 2423:Lonchoptera nigrociliata; 2422:Cantharis lateralis; 2421:Anapausis talpae; 2420:Physiphora alceae
63 Roger Wilkinson 2254 9th January, 2018 Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler, Collared Earthstar
64 Danny Cooper 2227 22nd August, 2015 getting the moth trap out in the garden helped me add a few including Larch Pug Eupithecia lariciata Grass Rivulet Perizoma albulata and Bloxworth Snout Hypena obsitalis. The PSL weekend was brilliant, as well as meeting a few fellow listers I added 19 species including Omphlus pubescens. The fishing was good too! Seeing Sally was good as she always shows me things that have been in front of me all along like Nettle Gall Dasineura urticae, then meeting Richard Comont who helped me sort out me humbles and added Southern Cuckoo Bee Bombus vistalis. Few things seen with Mark Whittiker locally and looking forward to a few things in the coming weeks!
65 Clive Washington 2221 27th July, 2014 The sawflies Arge ochropus and Cladius pectinicornis
66 Will George 2182 6th November, 2017 05/11 43 new species from a fungal foray, Nitrous bonnet and Fragrant Funnel both memorable 32
67 Tristan Bantock 2171 29th May, 2017 Recent highlights: Stichoglossa semirufa, Blethisa multipunctata, Bembidion octomaculatum, Neocoenorrhinus pauxillus, Stictonectes lepidus, Anthonomus conspersus, Saldula arenicola.
68 Julian Branscombe 2152 29th October, 2015 Chestnut bunting, 19th October 2015.
69 Martin Bell 2140 31st January, 2018 Hypoxylon fuscum, Vuilleminia coryli, Marasmius epiphylloides, Tremella aurantia, Tremella foliacea, Badhamia utricularis, Auricularia mesenterica, Lagarosiphon major, Cystopteris fragilis, Polypodium interjectum, Polypodium cambricum, Abies alba, Diphyscium foliosum, Homalothecium sericeum, Rhizomnium punctatum, Steatoda grossa, Ceratosphys amoena, Arion hortensis, and Zenobiella subrufescens 56
70 Billy Dykes 2129 28th August, 2016 Agromyza anthracina, Phyllonorycter esperella, Phyllonorycter acerifoliella, Phyllonorycter viminiella, Phyllonorycter spinicolella, Royal Fern, Sea Mouse-ear, Actenicerus sjaelandicus, Hedya atropunctana 22
71 Henry Cook 2086 21st July, 2014 Dune Helleborine - Anglesey.
72 Robert Price 2072 5th January, 2016 Ledra aurita, Bembidion tetracolum, Pantilius tunicatus, Philorhizus melanocephalus, Plocamium cartilaginium, Migrant Hawker.
73 Christopher Glanfield 2058 1st January, 2018 50
74 Ian Boyd 2015 18th September, 2014 Capsodes sulcatus - fantastic bug
75 James Harding-Morris 1997 4th February, 2018 Purple Emperor, Hornet Clearwing, Yellow-legged Clearwing, Bombardier Beetle. Turkish Snail - my 100th mollusc! Red-tipped Clearwing - 23rd July. Corncrake - 2nd August. 16-spot Ladybird & Tree Damselbug- 3rd August. Edible Dormouse - 6th September. European Yellow-tailed Scorpion - 7th September. Willow Emerald, Grey Bush Cricket, Top Shell & Pointed Snail - 8th September. Wartbiter & Bacillus whitei (Slough's Wonder-stick) - 9th September. Bitterling & Gudgeon - 10th September. Masked Shrike - 27th September. Chub, Tawny Cockroach, Forget-me-not Shieldbug - 28th September. Lesser Grey Shrike - 10th October. Retrospectively added a brown hydra from a photo taken in 2011 - Hydra oligactis (Thanks to Brian Eversham for the ID!). Retrospectively added Red-veined Darter from a photo taken in 2009 because apparently I was an idiot in the past. So far in 2016 - Perez's Water Frog at Ham Wall, Aesculapian Snake (at long, long last), Glanville Fritillary, Red Helleborine, Fen Orchid, Wild Boar (at last!), actually saw Lady Amherst's Pheasant (at long, long, long last).
76 Keith Lugg 1970 4th August, 2017 Calodromius spilotus, Bembidion biguttatatum, Bembidion mannerheimii, 07/01/15 Dinton Pastures, from playing with deadwood by torchlight instead of looking for Winter moths like I was supposed to be doing. Ocys harpaloides, Temnothorax nylanderi, 11/01/15, Dinton Pastures, knocked out of dead wood.
77 John Walker 1964 24th July, 2016 Sanguisorba (Salad Burnet), Paraswammerdamia albicapitella, Teleiodes vulgella, Schoenobius gigantella, Least Yellow Underwing, Dipogon variegatus, all at home (West Notts) 69
78 Harold Davies 1949 26th April, 2017
79 Stuart Read 1898 24th June, 2016 Dune Tiger Beetle 51
80 Harry Witts 1882 20th February, 2018 Hooded Crow 17
81 Simon Horsnall 1857 30th October, 2017
82 Peter Whitcomb 1854 9th October, 2017 Liver Milkcap; Plums & Custard; Egghead Mottlegill 73
83 Jacob Everitt 1781 25th July, 2017 Atlantic Bluefin Tuna - St Marys, Scilly, Elegant Tern - Church Norton
84 Robert Davey 1773 10th July, 2016 Phyllonorycter mespilella, Phyllonorycter rajella, Grass eggar, Sandhill rustic (ssp leechi), Hoary footman, Acleris rhombana, Agonopterix alstromeriana, P. Albicapitella, Hedge rustic, Heath rustic, Exapion ulicis, Luffia lapidella, Vapourer, caloptilia elongella, montagu's blenny, Hudsonian whimbrel, Ocnerostoma friesei (confirmed by gen det), Marsh pug (confirmed by gen det), Sand goby, worm pipefish, Hydroschendyla submarina 39
85 Martin Fowlie 1765 16th February, 2018 Lots of really, really easy stuff!
86 Sue R Lambert 1729 7th February, 2018 Thayer's Gull and Caspian Gull 72
87 David Vaudoré 1708 29th May, 2017 38
88 Chris Foster 1645 4th November, 2017 Cheilosia ranunculi 33
89 Stewart Sexton 1618 8th June, 2014 Sea Spleenwort
90 Liam Curson 1548 2nd August, 2017 Sooty Shearwater! 21
91 Pete Mella 1536 21st February, 2018 Bean Goose split (thanks BOU!), Mistletoe, Willow Bracket, Arrhenia retiruga, Arrhenia rickenii, March Moth, Clubiona corticalis, Pale Brindled Beauty, Groundsel Rust, Shining Cranesbill, Reflexed Stonecrop, Amaurobius similis, Rough-stalked Feathermoss 37
92 George Watola 1528 25th August, 2014 Green Hellebore, Creeping Forget-me-not, Least Yellow-sorrel, Bearded Couch, Oak Bracket (who knew there were 2400 fungi in Britain?), on BSBI field outing to Thornton-le-Dale
93 Robert S J Smith 1518 15th February, 2017 Small Mottled Willow (Spodoptera exigua), Rusty-dot Pearl (Udea ferrugalis), Mere Wainscot (Photedes fluxa) and Dotted Fan-foot (Macrochilo cribrumalis)
94 Wil J Heeney 1506 10th January, 2017 Panagaeus cruxmajor
95 Pete Grainger 1488 19th February, 2018 Adding all my old records to Mapmate - got to 1989 so far! Slowly creeping up the second page of listers!
96 Rob Wallace 1487 24th June, 2015 Sanicle, Greater Tussock-Sedge, Great Spearwort, Mottled Umber moth, Denticollis linearis (click beetle), Cantharis paludosa (soldier beetle), Rhagio notatus (a snipe-fly)
97 Robert Jaques 1481 31st October, 2017 Scops Owl. Vestal
98 Marilyn Abdulla 1471 31st December, 2017 Bryony Mining Bee, found in the garden this year, but somehow missed off the list! 63
99 Richard Lawrence 1452 8th December, 2016 Idotea baltica, Idotea linealis, Aphrodita aculeate, Ophiothrix fragilis, Illosporiopsis christiansenii, Sanderling, Great White Egret.
100 Steve Alton 1379 20th August, 2014