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Peripsocus consobrinus

Species account
Peripsocus consobrinus Medium sized (c. 3.5mm) brown barkfly. Only known from two sites in Britain (one in England, one in Scotland). Superficially looks similar to P. didymus.  Only females have been found so far.
Peripsocus consobrinus No areola postica.  Forewings can be uniformly pale brown in colour or with dark marks in some of the cells (see below).
Peripsocus consobrinus The first specimen found (holotype) had dark marks particularly in the apical cells. (Photograph is of the similar looking P. didymus).
Peripsocus consobrinus Female
Subgenital plate (underside of abdomen) has wedge-shaped patches instead of the usual Peripsocus ‘arms’ (e.g. see P. didymus).  The apical lobe is short and truncated.
No males have yet been found.


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