Announcing the shortlist for the UK Awards for Biological Recording and Information Sharing

recording bees and hoverflies

We are delighted to announce the nominees who have been shortlisted in each of the different categories of the 2017 UK Awards for Biological Recording and Information Sharing. We congratulate them all and celebrate their achievements! For a full list of nominees and corresponding press releases suitable for local news outlets see

Assembly mechanisms determining high species turnover in aquatic communities over regional and continental scales

Phenological sensitivity to climate across taxa and trophic levels

A regionally informed abundance index for supporting integrative analyses across butterfly monitoring schemes

Alien Pathogens on the Horizon: Opportunities for Predicting their Threat to Wildlife

The harlequin ladybird, Harmonia axyridis: global perspectives on invasion history and ecology

Focal Plant Observations as a Standardised Method for Pollinator Monitoring: Opportunities and Limitations for Mass Participation Citizen Science


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