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Areola postica (AP) cell present but not joined to median vein (M)

Philotarsus parviceps Philotarsus parviceps
Philotarsus picicornis Philotarsus picicornis
Elipsocus hyalinus Elipsocus species (x2)
Elipsocus abdominalis Elipsocus abdominalis
Elipsocus pumilis Elipsocus pumilis
Elipsocus moebiusi Elipsocus moebiusi
Caecilius fuscopterus Caecilius fuscopterus
Valenzuela flavidus Valenzuela flavidus
Valenzuela piceus Valenzuela piceus
Epicaecilius pilipennis Epicaecilius pilipennis
Valenzuela corsicus Valenzuela corsicus
Valenzuela atricornis Valenzuela atricornis
Valenzuela burmeisteri Valenzuela burmeisteri
Enderleinella obsoleta Enderleinella obsoleta
Chilenocaecilius ornatipennis Chilenocaecilius ornatipennis
Trichopsocus species Trichopsocus species (x2)
Lachesilla pedicularia Lachesilla pedicularia
Lachesilla quercus Lachesilla species (x2)
Trichopsocus brincki Trichopsocus brincki
Mesopsocus laticeps Mesopsocus laticeps
Mesopsocus species Mesopsocus species (x3)
Reuterella helvimacula (male) Reuterella helvimacula (male)
Cuneopalpus cyanops Cuneopalpus cyanops
Kolbia quisquiliarum Kolbia quisquiliarum
Elipsocus species Elipsocus species (male x4)


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