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The iRecord App enables you to get involved with biological recording. Contribute your species sightings with GPS acquired coordinates, descriptions and other information, thus providing scientists with important new biodiversity information that contributes to nature conservation, planning, research and education.

Using the app, you can add records in the field and either upload straight away or later once you are happy with your identification. Once uploaded, your data will be kept secure and will be regularly backed up. You can view and edit your uploaded records on the iRecord website. Automatic checks will be applied to your observations to help spot potential errors, and experts can review your sightings. All wildlife sightings for non-sensitive species are shared with other users and will be made available to National Recording Schemes, Local Record Centres and Vice County Recorders (VCRs).

Recent updates to the app include automated image recognition as an aid to species identification; in-app verified record notifications; map view of user records; image cropping functionality; and an updated species dictionary.


• Record all the wildlife you see - supports all UK species

• Add new records with minimal effort

• Use automated image recognition as an aid to species identification 

• Share your sightings with the recording community

• View a map of your in-app records

• Benefit from automatic data checks and review by experts

• Receive in-app verified record notifications

• Contribute to science and conservation

• Create records offline


iRecord, which can also be accessed via the website, links to a growing set of ‘on-the-go’ biological recording apps, such as those for ladybirds and butterflies which allow users to submit records containing GPS location, photographic evidence and a range of useful supplementary information.


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